As the saying goes, dogs are indeed a human’s best friend. Dogs are a gift to mankind and there is no love more pure than the love a dog has for its human pal. Dogs are very protective, almost possessive of their owners and would lay down their very lives to protect them. It is our responsibility to take good care of our pet dog so that no harm befalls it. Dog Grooming, Dog Cleaning, Regular Vet Check-ups and timely dog sterilization are all important when it comes to keeping your pet safe and healthy. If you are looking for a good regimen to adopt when taking care of your dog, look no further, as we are about to discuss some tips to improve your dog’s health.

Understanding A Dog’s Body

Dogs come in various breeds and lineage all of which determine the height, weight, fur color, health, behaviour pattern etc. When adopting or purchasing your pet, make sure you get their birth certificate and lineage proof so that you can raise them accordingly. Each breed of dog has different needs and requirements. It’s important to know where your pup has come from so that you can provide it with the care it needs. For eg, German Shepherd or Labrador and Golden retriever originated in the European Terrain and are shepherd dogs. Their characteristic nature was to roam the fields in cold climatic conditions to protect livestock and farms. A pure bred German Shephard pup or a pure bred Lab pup will have similar tendencies. They are protective guard dogs and they have extra fur which insulate their bodies. Because of this they would experience higher body heat and require to stay hydrated and showered more frequently.

Following are a few tips to inculcate in your daily routine to improve your dogs health:

1. Good Food

The basis of any living being comes from good food. It is important to understand the kind of food that your dog should be given to maintain the goals you are trying to achieve for your dog. If the dog is a smaller breed that lives inside an apartment, it is better to stick to simple home cooked meals or a basic dog feed that consists of meat and rice. On the other hand, if your dog is a bigger, heavier breed, you would need to pay special attention to the diet.

2. Regular Exercise & Activities

Dogs need to do regular activities to burn calories just like humans. Dogs can gain weight if they are not walked regularly and the excess weight can impair liver functions and create bone problems. It is recommended that your dog gets a minimum of half an hour of outdoor time which includes walking, running, playing, etc.

3. Training

Most people do not get professional help when it comes to training their dogs but this is a very important aspect of a dogs health. If you are someone who likes to enroll your dogs in a dog show or have a ferocious dog that is hired for protection such as in the Police, it is important that such dogs get professional training. Dog Trainers can help define the dogs qualities and work with them in refining their skills, abilities and inculcate essential traits such as control and restraint.

4. Regular Veterinary Visits

Your dog needs to visit the Vet more as often as you would. A general health check up is advised every 6 months. Unlike human beings, a dog needs annual vaccinations to stay safe from dangerous diseases and tick attacks. Make sure the dog is checked for weight changes, arthritis, liver functions or for yeast or other skin related infections. For male dogs, Dog sterilization or neutering is an important process which helps maintain the health of older dogs and prevents them from possible cancers.

Shower Your Dogs With Love & Care

Dogs are very sentimental and can be more emotional than any other animal. They can understand the emotions of a human being and tend to reciprocate the same. If you love them, they can love you back four folds as much. If you ignore your dog, they can be pushed into anxiousness and depression. It’s important that you spend quality time with your pets and show physical affection to them. Buying treats for them once in a while, letting them run around in a garden and play fetch with them, all these activities can fill them up with joy and in turn keep them healthy and happy.

Dogs can easily adapt and mimic the behaviour of how they are treated. So make sure that they are treated with love and you will receive the same love back in many folds.

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