What Is Bitseven

Bitseven is one of the best cryptocurrency trading and exchange platforms that was launched in 2018 that deals in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple. It is also present on social platforms and they are highly active, they post the news and new features almost daily. Bitseven platform development started with a collaboration between software developers, experienced traders and financial professionals. The core matching engine is one of the best technologies that has been known for its fault tolerance, uptime and availability by using innovative features such as advanced order matching algorithms and real-time clearing. The company has registered itself as Bitseven global Trading limited. They have offices in Hong Kong, Zurich in Switzerland and Belize city.

Bitseven Leveraged Trading Exchange Platform Features

Leveraged Trading

Bitseven leverage trading system enables its users to gain high profit with just small investment. Customers can make a profit whether the cryptocurrency price rises or falls. Leveraged trading can be used as a fence/boundary against the risk of customer investment which is very less when the cryptocurrency price falls down. The maximum offer by the company is up to 100x on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash trading. It depends on the user’s choice-those who believe that the price will rise they will buy the ‘up’ order and people who think the price will fall will buy ‘down’ orders.

Multi-Platform Support

In this platform, customers can directly login through the website. There is no need to install any software or an app.

The advantage of a web based platform is that it allows users to trade quickly and securely across all devices and operating systems.

Strong Security

Bitseven has strong security and its coins are also safe from intrusion or hacking. All the funds are kept in cold storage. It is also protected against the attack of DDoS and fully data compliant with PCI DSS standards.

World Coverage

Bitseven is present almost all around the globe and they provide its service in 99% of countries.

Quick Execution Speed

Bitseven lightning-fast execution speed guarantees its user fast and effective transactions. People can also trade on tablets and mobiles. Around 1,270,000 users from all around the globe are satisfied with this service. The cryptocurrency market is also open all day 24×7.

Who Should Trade In Bitseven

Bitseven is most suited for traders who wish to make most of the profits from holding their position for a shorter period of time. One of the best advantages of trading this type of cryptocurrency is that the customer has an opportunity of earning profit from the rise as well as the fall of cryptocurrency prices. The market is also open all day, every day and also traders can react quickly from sudden price fluctuations and take advantage of short term volatility


Bitseven makes a great effort to meet its customer expectations by ensuring, possible, the level of products and service performance by rapidly resolving customer requests, concerns and complaints. They are well known by the fact that their exchange’s success depends on its customer success and satisfaction, so Bitseven continuously works for smooth and swift customer trading.

To know more about the Bitseven exchange, log in to their website, bitseven.com.

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