Every family comes across a point in their life where they need to revamp their bedroom. This includes getting rid of unwanted things and redesigning your space to suit your needs. When the family grows, it makes more sense to move to a bigger bed to accommodate the kids and sometimes pets too, if you are a pet lover. But there are some key points when it comes to moving up to a king size bed such as the maintenance of the bed, getting quality king size bed sheets, protecting your king size mattresses, adjusting the space in the room, etc. In this article, we will be discussing some of the key points as well as tips to help you prepare for this change.

Choosing The Right Bed Size & Type

Before buying a mattress it is important to list out the needs of your family before you zero down on one. Many points play an important role in deciding which bed is right for you such as the number of people that may use the bed for sleeping, the weight of the people, the amount of movement expected on the bed, etc.


The maximum number of people that would be using the bed is pivotal when it comes to deciding the bed size. For a family of 2 adults and a maximum of 2 young children, a king size bed would be indispensable. However, many couples opt to get a king size bed for just the two of them too, owing to the space and the comfort of the size.

Weight Distribution

Another important point in choosing the right bed size is the weight of the people who would be using it. Many mattress companies now have a guide that helps the users key in the weight, usage details, health issues, age related details to help them choose the right bed for them. Weight is important because the support and comfort of the mattress is hugely dependent on weight distribution. Many companies recommend 4 to 10 inches of mattress height based on the weight of the users. Lighter people can opt from 4 to 6 and the heavier users need to choose between 8 and 10inches.

Age Of The User

The type of bed is also hugely dependent on the age of the user. Younger and more active couples can go for a base of springform and memory foam mattresses whereas older couples need to go for harder memory foams with orthopedic support. Kids now have an option to go for water beds which can be quite enjoyable.

Health Issues

Most mattresses now guide the users to choose based on their health issues. If it’s an elderly couple or for people with back and hip issues, there are many kinds of back support mattresses in the market. You can opt for a good orthopedic mattress which helps keep your back firm and stable and doesn’t sink into the bed. Some orthopedic beds are made from gel based layers which can help relieve body heat as well. People with shoulder pains can opt for pillows that have a slant at the bottom to support the neck and the shoulder as well.

Movement Control

The recent trend in beds is the freedom to move around without causing any disturbance to the other areas of the bed. This is achieved by memory foam, which can retain its shape and does not pass the impact of moving from one area of the bed to another. So if you have kids playing on the bed or if one of the couples is working or reading, the other users can still catch a sound sleep.

Decorating & Maintaining Your King Size Bed

Once you make your mind to get a king size bed, the next step is to buy the right accessories for it. This includes a set of good quality king size bedsheets, mattress covers, a mattress protector, some good pillows and a duvet/quilt/comforter.

Bed Sheets for king size beds are considered hard to come by but online shopping has made it very easy to shop for these. You can choose from a range of sheets of different fabrics, colors and fits to help maintain your bed.

If you have young kids at home, especially babies, it’s best to protect your bed from any fluids by opting for a good mattress cover and mattress protector. Mattress protectors have special rubberized sheets so that the water only wets the sheet but doesn’t spoil the bed underneath.

These tips can help you make an informed decision when switching to a king size bed.

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