A 2018 travel trends report revealed that aquatic activities dominated the top ten list of the fastest-growing categories, with sailing trips increasing by 55%, according to data on TripAdvisor. Sailing in the open waters allows you to view picturesque sceneries and explore fascinating places that have been untouched by anyone. You also get the freedom to slip into the cool waters for a refreshing dip and underwater excursions. However, proper preparation is necessary if you want to enjoy a memorable boating and swimming experience. You’ll need to determine why you want to sail, pick essential items to take when traveling, and most importantly, choose an ideal place for sailing. If you’re planning a boating holiday, here are the top 3 best sailing and swimming destinations you should consider.

The British Virgin Islands 

If you’re looking to enjoy a sailing experience that offers a mix of luxury and adventure, the British Virgin Islands is your ideal destination. This region is home to the most stunning beaches in the entire Caribbean. Most beaches are hidden coves spread across various locations, making them ideal for docking your boat and taking a dip in the crystal clear waters. Must-visit beaches in the British Virgin Islands are The Bath, Apple Bay, White Bay, and Smugglers Cove. Visiting The Baths is undoubtedly the most memorable experience you’ll have. This area has huge ash gray boulders that rise from the crystal seawater, forming mazes for travelers to swim or wade through. For a less crowded excursion, the Smugglers Cove is your perfect location. You’ll be treated to a relaxing environment and calm blue waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Islands Of Greece 

There are many unique and beautiful places in Greece for swimming, and most of them are only accessible by private yachts and public boats. For example, the Myrsini in Diaporos treats you to incredible white sand and crystal clear waters perfect for swimming. Another fascinating beach ideal for swimming is Lalaria on Skiathos, which features small white pebbles and turquoise waters. While rip tides and shark attacks are rarely heard of in Greek open waters, it is important to swim in designated places, avoid diving headfirst, and swim with a buddy. Following these guidelines is key to preventing risks linked to drowning in open waters.

French Polynesia, Tahiti 

You can visit plenty of amazing places in French Polynesia, but Tahiti and surrounding islands might be the best for a sailing and swimming expedition. Tahiti hosts some of the world’s pristine beaches, with warm, clear waters great for swimming with sharks, whales, and stingrays. Many of these beaches are accessible only by boat, meaning you must charter a sailboat or yacht to enjoy your Tahiti vacation.

Going on a boating holiday is one of the best ways to enjoy an unforgettable adventure trip. After all, there are many exotic places to explore and take a dip while sailing. Think of the Bahamas, Greek Isles, Tahiti in French Polynesia, and the British Virgin Islands, to mention a few. All these destinations treat you to amazing adventures in and around the water.

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