When it comes to getting ready for your wedding, there are a lot of people who seem to think that so long as the groom is wearing a nice suit, there is nothing else that they need to worry about when it comes to putting their look together. The fact is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a huge range of different accessories that grooms are able to take advantage of in order to look their absolute best on their special day. Do you have your wedding coming up and are unsure what these accessories are? Do not fear, as this article is going to discuss them in a lot more detail.

A Nice Pair Of Oxford Shoes

When you consider the history of the Oxford shoe as discussed by Bodileys, you will find that they have been used for a whole manner of different occasions but are predominantly the go-to choice for grooms on their wedding day. They really can make or break an outfit as they essentially act as the anchor for your overall look. You will need to experiment with a few different colors in order to work out which one is right for you, but once you’ve done this and you have the whole outfit on, you will realize just how important having a nice pair of Oxford shoes is.

A Tie Clip

Yes, it is one of the more small and simple accessories that will pull together your suit, but that does mean that it is not important. Your tie clip is able to add volumes to your look as you are able to add class to your style. They also have a functional purpose too, given they stop your tie from looking messy for the rest of the day. You can get various sizes, colors and styles of tie clips, so you need to be sure you are trying it on with your whole outfit in order to make sure it works.

Lapel Pin & Flower

If you want to bring a bit of olden-day suave to your modern look, then one of the best ways to do this is by using a lapel pin and flower. You should be careful when donning this style as if you go too extravagant, then you could be making it so that your suit looks more novelty than it does cool. You should ensure your flower and pin complement your overall style and work with the whole ensemble you have, but in the same vein are not too overpowering that they become a distraction.


There’s a lot that goes into the look of a bride on her wedding day, but there is also a misconception that all a groom needs is a nice suit. This is incorrect as there are actually a number of different accessories that grooms can use in order to enhance their overall look on their special day. These accessories include but are not limited to those listed above.

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