In recent years, the federal government has dramatically expanded undercover operations. Officers in agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service, the Justice Department and the Supreme Court have posed as business people, welfare recipients and political protesters to uncover wrongdoing.

While these operations can provide investigators with important information, they pose various risks for law enforcement officers. That’s why taking the proper precautions while working undercover is vital.

They Help You Blend In

If you are trying to blend in at a protest or rally, it can be tricky. If you want to ensure you are not seen, then it is essential to choose clothes that will help you do so. Using the correct color palette and style will go a long way toward making you look like one of the crowd. This is especially true if you are a police officer. A neutral color, black or brown, will make your outfit less conspicuous than bright colors or flashy designs.

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They Help You Stay Safe

Whether you are a police officer or an undercover agent, wearing a suit and tie can go a long way in helping you stay safe. It will immediately identify you as a uniformed officer to the public, and it also helps to protect your reputation from unwanted physical contact with criminals. However, wearing undercover clothes can be harder to conceal.

One way undercover officers avoid being detected is to wear neutral colors, such as black or brown. They will also prefer cargo pants with full pockets rather than smaller ones, which can help them blend in better and be less conspicuous. You can also look for telltale signs of someone undercover, such as dark window tinting or nondescript plates on their vehicle. Another good tip is to watch for the outline of a gun beneath their clothes, as they often have a concealed sidearm. Lastly, wear proper footwear, such as polished leather shoes or low-heeled, closed-toe pumps.

They Help You Catch Criminals

In recent years, federal agencies have dramatically expanded undercover operations to ferret out wrongdoing in a wide range of fields, from business to health care, according to agency officials and documents. Records show that agents from at least 40 government agencies now pose as business people, welfare recipients and political protesters to spot fraud or other wrongdoing.

Those efforts reflect heightened concerns about domestic terrorism and a growing focus on criminal activities like identity theft, online solicitation and human trafficking. At the Agriculture Department, for example, more than 100 agents pose as food stamp recipients at thousands of neighborhood stores to spot suspicious vendors and fraud.

Despite their broad scope, these operations are often cloaked in secrecy, with little public disclosure about the number of agents involved or their investigation results. Even so, they have yielded many prosecutions. But they have also raised concerns about the entrapment of unwitting targets, and the money went missing and scuttled investigations.

They Help You Infiltrate Criminal Groups

Nothing is better than a good cover story when infiltrating a criminal group. Wearing a suitably branded undercover outfit will allow you to get close to a gang of thieves and learn more about them than you could without their help.

Undercover clothing is designed to mimic the sexiest and most comfortable garments in your closet, including a tailored fit, hidden pockets and a comfortable feel. For example, you can try a pair of men’s leather pants that feature a cinched waist and plenty of space for your laptop or invest in a lightweight trench coat that will keep you warm and dry in case of rain.

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