The unfortunate killing of an eighteen-year-old student, Jaheim Robinson, gave netizens a flashback of the RIP Ajax September 10 1980 event.

Schools are considered to be the most crucial part of an individual’s life. Additionally, this space is supposed to be comfortable and safe. Unfortunately, in recent years, the schools of the USA have been the prime location of Gun violence and mass shootings, costing the lives of innocents.   

Addressing this issue, let’s explore in-depth the RIP Ajax September 10 1980 occurrence and why it has become the netizens’ discussion topic.

Who Was Ajax?

Adrian Precia, popular by the name Ajax among his friends, was a Spingarn High School student living on Tree-Lines Street in Northeast Washington. He was the first student to become the victim of a school shooting. When he was shot dead, Ajax was just 16 years old. According to his friends and school management, Ajax was smart, tall, handsome, and quite popular among the girls. Additionally, academically, he was brilliant and always made it to the list of top students. 

What Happened On 10th September 1980?

It was just another typical day at Spingarn High School. Ajax was hanging out in the school’s auditorium with his friend, Tanya Brown. At that moment, Micheal Joseph Pratt entered the auditorium and pointed a small caliber gun toward Ajax. 

Ajax was afraid and begged Micheal Joseph Pratt not to press the trigger. But, it had no effect on Micheal Joseph Pratt, and he fired a bullet at Ajax. Although he did not intend to murder Ajax, the bullet killed the fellow on the spot. 

The school management was notified immediately, and the administration called the D.C. police department without any delay. Despite the agility of the school management, it took a while before Micheal was sent behind bars. 

After 43 years of the incident, the whereabouts of Micheal is still unknown. The incident was labeled as an accident by the D.C. police department. The police stated that boys were playing with the handgun when the trigger was pressed, resulting in RIP Ajax September 10 1980.

There is no information about any action taken against Micheal, though he was charged officially. 

The Incident’s Effect On Spingarn High School? 

The reputation of Spingarn High School was completely ruined because of the incident. A huge number of parents pulled their children out of the school after the incident, concerning their safety. The school also witnessed a crash in the number of enrollments in the future years and was left abandoned. 

Incident Related To RIP Ajax September 10 1980

As per reports, a 14-year-old student named Jahiem Robinson, who was in the 12th grade, was fatally shot by an 18-year-old male who was his friend. The tragic incident occurred at Scarborough High School, creating a tense atmosphere among the students. The perpetrator’s identity has not been disclosed yet, which has caused people to draw comparisons to the Ajax shooting case. Unfortunately, such occurrences continue to happen worldwide, which is why the Ajax shooting case is still being discussed.

Wrapping It Up!

Incidents like RIP Ajax September 10 1980, have become more frequent in recent years, which is quite concerning. As these incidents grow, netizens become more interested in past similar incidents, transforming them into a trend.

All the information mentioned in our article is based on sources from the internet, and we are not responsible for the subject’s authority. 

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