Everyone is excited about post-covid get-togethers. None of us want to wait to see our friends, work associates and other people when socializing or in the office. In fact, many companies and other groups are planning for team-building events after everyone is vaccinated and safe from coronavirus. Below are some great post-covid team-building activities to consider for your coworkers, social group, family or other people in your life.

Creative Ideas For Team Building

Team building provides many benefits for employers and other groups. Although it may sound like a day off or play, team-building activities actually strengthen interpersonal ties and help people relate better. In the workplace, relating better means working better together.

Benefits of team building include:

  • Boosted productivity
  • Motivated employees
  • Better collaboration
  • Enhanced communication
  • Improved creativity

If you need some ideas for team building, consider creative options like the ones that follow. Your group will enjoy the activities and bond in ways that improve work output and other results.

Laser Tag

Laser tag provides even the most mature adults with a place to enjoy acting like a kid. Although it is a serious business to serve customers and focus on the financial bottom line, laser tag can improve business-as-usual by enhancing relationships. At the same time, everyone has a little fun!

In almost every group, there will be one or more individuals intimidated by the chosen team building activity. But laser tag is not difficult. Even apprehensive individuals can quickly get the hang of it and feel more like a part of the group in no time. Venues such as Laser Tag Temple TX and others similar have plenty of space for various groups to have fun too, so those who are a bit reserved can still have fun without having to mix with lots of other unfamiliar faces.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be totally offline and old-fashioned or incorporate the latest technologies. Which you prefer and will serve your group better is your choice. This activity inspires people to collaborate while having fun and trying to beat the clock or other teams. In the process, everyone polishes their communication skills and learns to work together better.

You can create a scavenger hunt on your office premises, in a local park or throughout your city. You can design the hunt yourself, have the human resources team get involved in the planning, or hire an outside consultant. However you make it happen, scavenger hunts boost employee engagement and give everyone an opportunity to have some fun.

Community Service

Working together for a good cause makes everyone feel great at the end of the day. It also helps bring your team together while benefiting the community. A great annual team-building activity is one that gives back to the people or planet where you work and live.

Your team can first work together to choose a cause to support. That should happen months in advance of the team building activity day. There are almost endless options for community service. Some examples include volunteering in animal shelters, delivering meals to home-bound individuals, serving the homeless community or working on a charitable home-building construction site.

Sporting Event

Your group may have a lot of team spirit bound up behind suits and ties or khakis and sweaters. If they are a sports-oriented group, have everyone put on the same team colors, such as through company-provided sweatshirts or tees. You can have these printed with your company or group logo on them. Then, venture out to a sporting event. While at the event, take group photos and post them on social media. Send copies to everyone who participates, so they can share the group’s team spirit, too!

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are among the best ideas for team building. Small groups, typically between two to five people at a time, go through an escape room “puzzle.” They have to complete specific tasks and solve problems before their release from the room. You can have small teams compete against each other and provide an award for the ones who finish their tasks and escape the fastest. Consider giving other awards out, too. You can make up humorous awards according to the escape room’s theme.

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