Plumbers are professionals that are educated in a specific trade. They specialize in water, gas, and sewage leaks. But that’s not all. These professionals can also focus solely on one aspect of commercial and residential plumbing services.

Pipefitters & Steamfitters

A pipefitter has the same training as a general plumber, but their skills go further to include work on low- and high-pressure pipes, such as pipes that carry chemicals, gasses, and acids. They work on commercial cooling and heating systems and waste disposal and water systems. Pipefitters also handle maintenance and repairs. Tasks include cutting, welding, and reshaping pipe sections and components and fixing and installing piping.

Steamfitters have the same training as plumbers and pipefitters with additional licensing for steam pipes. Pipefitters work more with commercial and industrial customers than residential. Some of these professionals also work on adding automatic controls to HVAC systems to monitor heating and cooling equipment and ensure they’re working correctly.

Boiler Repair Specialists

Specialists that work on boilers have a unique place in the industry. They must meet the requirements for working with steam, gas, water, and HVAC systems. The educational and training regulations benefit the customer because they only need to contact one service professional to help them with heating issues related to boilers. These providers can repair and replace your system safely and efficiently, including connecting all pipes attached to the boiler, such as gas and water.


If you’re having a new system installed, a pipelayer will assist the HVAC team. Just as the name suggests, a pipe layer cuts and aligns pipes for water and natural gas. They work with all material types, including plastic, clay, iron, and cement.

Pipelayers have to make exact cuts to meet strict requirements. Other tasks include using levels and lasers to ensure all pipes are level. Any errors here can cause HVAC and plumbing systems to fail. They also handle welding and need certification and training to maintain the highest safety standards. In addition, pipelayers operate heavy equipment to dig trenches for new construction.

Gas Service Technicians

Pipefitters, steamfitters, boiler repair specialists, and pipelayers all work with high-pressure gas pipes. A gas service technician focuses solely on gas transportation piping. If you’re having a boiler replaced or repaired, you may hire a gas service technician to connect the gas lines.

Additionally, these specialists install and service gas appliances, such as stovetops, ovens, water heaters, and washers and dryers. An essential part of all gas service providers’ jobs is to test the appliances and HVAC systems for safe use before leaving the customer’s home or business. For example, they’ll check for leaks and can request stoves, boilers, and furnaces shut off and replaced if they’re faulty, outdated, or leaking.

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