When making up your mind to move to another place for a living is quite an overwhelming experience. It is certainly nerve-wracking when thinking of several hours of packing and enter a new community. Isn’t it? At the end of the day, you are more likely to find a new place for one or more reasons. Before you decide on relocation, it’s important to make yourself familiar with the required information.

Many people consider buying a home in Davenport, Florida, and certainly for obvious reasons. From sunny weather to wide-ranging tourist attractions, there is a lot to explore. Well, when choosing a place to start a living the foremost factor you will probably consider is the finances. Let’s see what Davenport has to offer!

Living In Davenport, Florida

Davenport has gained immense popularity in terms of living ownership. There are many new societies that you would love to consider. Considering a lot of underdeveloped lands, reasonable ownership costs, and rural environment, it has attracted many real estate agents and builders. When exploring Davenport, you will come across newly developed suburbs. You will love the fact that the place is remarkably quiet and rustic.

Let’s talk about the basics. The city is situated in the Polk Country with an approximate population of 6,479. In terms of living costs, the average value is around $144,767. It is no surprise that housing is one of the major expenses when you move along whether alone or with family. Whether you are looking forward to renting an apartment or buying a home, it’s difficult to understand how the costs add up quickly. Before you take this decision, you must make sure whether you want to afford the living here.

With living costs increasing every year across the State, the city of Davenport still comes at an economical living price. There are many Houses for Sale in Davenport. Presently, the average value is estimated to be $188,600. The price is comparatively reasonable in comparison to other cities which come at a relatively high cost. In terms of new and emerging communities, the value is slightly more. Buying or renting a completely new home may cost you higher considering the increased home values in the area. If you are unable to buy a home, we suggest you go for the renting option. It’s a wise decision for all those who are not planning to stay in the long term. You can expect the average renting cost to be approximately $1,445.

When it comes to affordable housing in Florida, we would give a thumbs up to Davenport. You can find many emerging societies with a reasonable price tag which can be around $200,000-$210,000. It can be challenging for you to find a living within this budget elsewhere. The neighborhoods are mostly directed towards affordability – the foremost reason why Davenport stands out among the crowd. If you are looking for some high-end neighborhoods, you can still find many. Well, it primarily depends on the budget you have.

Here we would like to mention some of the popular subdivisions including Citrus Isle, Silver Palms, and Golden Ridge starting from as low as $200,000s. It won’t be exaggerating to say that everything we buy today is expensive than in the previous few years. From groceries to utilities and vehicles, everything comes slightly more expensive. However, the increasing cost cycle should not stop you from relocating. You can still live comfortably and save your hard-earned money.

Florida is commonly known as a popular tourist destination. Fortunately, these places sell reasonably priced imported prices that you would like to invest in on your vacation. The hometown feel makes it very easy for people to find affordable apartments and enjoy amazing discount shopping. When we talk about property and rental costs in the city, you should consider the mortgage payments which make for every step in the foreclosure procedure. The average mortgage goes around 2%. This is comparatively higher than the national percent which is 1.1%. With the massive real estate bang, the value of homes and property has tremendously decreased all across the country by approximately 20%.

​Let’s take a look at some other factors you would like to consider.


The biggest industry in Davenport Florida is the manufacturing sector which has created more than 7,000 jobs. The city is home to several hundred businesses. It is again the fastest growing city in terms of tech industry employment that has significantly increased over the years. One of the key employers in the city is John Deere with the most prominent supermarket chain and health system. The rate of unemployment is declining – good news for anyone who is looking forward to visiting the city. You are more likely to secure reasonable employment to cover your expenses.

Public Transportation

In terms of public conveyance, the city has around 20 buses covering approximately 30 square miles. Here we would highlight the major highways including U.S. Route 6, 61, and 67. Besides, we would mention the Davenport Municipal Airport as the neighboring airport for exclusive private air travel. On the other hand, Quad City International Airport is a closely located commercial airport.

What About Education?

The city comes with 23 public educational institutions, three high schools, and six middle schools. Also, you can find private institutions in the city as well such as Assumption High School. Some of the most renowned colleges and universities in Davenport include St. Ambrose University, Kaplan University, and Marycrest International University. The quality of education is worth the price.

Wrapping Up

Do not get scared when planning your relocation place that your family deserves. While we have discussed mostly the cost of living in this article, there are many other things you would love to see from entertainment and theme parks to tourist attractions and great shopping centers. You will live in a city with major highways, airports, and of course pleasant weather. It’s time to get away from any worries and plan your living.

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