Old heritage offices have so much charm and personality, they can really help you sell your brand and give your employees a workplace that inspires them. Most heritage office spaces will already have been upgraded before you get your hands on them, so that you can take advantage of brickwork and great locations without having to hassle about with wires and lighting.

Offices that are old but not heritage, however, are often chosen because they are a good deal. There is nothing wrong with choosing an older office for this reason, but you do need to be ready to renovate and update it.

This is not just for the aesthetic, either. If you want your employees to be able to work quickly, effectively and consistently, they need to be in an environment that supports them in more ways than one.

Saving on an old office space is a great way to free up your budget for renovations. To help you get started, follow this guide.

Start With The Function

Function is the first thing you should focus on when looking to upgrade or renovate an old, outdated space.


In the past offices did not require plugs on plugs. Even ten years ago we did not have the same need for electricity as we do now. That is why the first thing you should do is hire a professional electrician in leopod for installing phone and internet cable, USB charging points.

Have the commercial electrician add in more plugs, update the wiring, and if the lighting is outdated, to upgrade that. LED lighting can help in so many ways, from making the space brighter, all the way to saving money. You will want a professional from Like Electrical to come in to install LED lighting and make necessary recommendations for all of your electric needs, so that you can revamp the space and make it fit for your business.

The Bathrooms

Have a look at the bathroom areas. Upgrading stalls so that they go from floor to ceiling can make the space far more comfortable and secure. You will also want to make sure that you have a suitable accessible toilet. You may also want to consider adding in other features, from hand dryers to free sanitary dispensaries. Going above and beyond what is legally required is smart and a very basic benefit that you can offer your employees.

The Kitchen Area

Kitchen areas can be very basic, so invest in them. A good way to start is by getting a few essential appliances. Kettle, toaster, toaster oven, and a microwave should be able to cover all the different ways people need to reheat and prepare their lunches.

If the kitchen area does not have a place to eat, consider adding one to your floorplan. Having a place to actually sit and enjoy your food without having to eat at the desk is basic. It is something nice for your employees and it makes it less likely that food and liquids will be spilt near your electronics.

Move On To Furniture

Once you have upgraded those three key components it is time to get started on the furniture. Create a general outline of your floorplan and how you intend to have your team split up. Make more than one area where your employees can work. This way if they need more space for materials, they have a large table they can work at instead of trying to manage on their desk.

The furniture should be ergonomic; it should be able to support both their work and their health. If you can manage it, it should also look good.

There are many ways to save on furniture as well as electronics. Offices around you are moving or closing down all the time, which means they have a lot of electronics and furniture that they need to sell on. You could buy them second-hand easily for a fraction of their price, or from dedicated companies that buy up these items and then sell them on afterwards.

You could rent as well if your office set-up is only temporary.

End With Décor & Aesthetic

Finally, you have the chance to decorate and update the aesthetic of the office space. This is a lot of fun, but it is a superfluous cost. There are benefits to updating the look of the place but waiting until you can better factor those costs in will be beneficial.

You can also allow your employees to help decorate the place. If they do, just create a ledger so that they can mark down what is theirs if they leave and want to take their property back. This way you can build a community environment that feels more like a home, than somewhere that is cold and corporate.

Decorating does wonders for mental health, and for wellbeing. By boosting both of these you can give your employees a better frame of mind when they work.

If you are limited in how you can decorate, do not worry. Adding plants, mirrors, and artwork can easily be done and easily undone, so you can offer those pops of color and interest without any big changes.

Why Make These Investments?

It can feel daunting to spend money renovating or at least updating an old office space when you first start a new business. Chances are you are in the building that you are because your funds are limited. That is why you should look to invest in stages, and always shop around for options. You should consider the price of not doing any renovation work as well. Not upgrading the electricals (especially if the building was built before computers became so commonplace) then you will struggle to meet your electricity needs and your business’ workflow will suffer.

Furniture is another essential, but you can save so much by looking and buying second-hand. Always check the quality before buying, however, especially if it not through a recognized and trusted reseller.

You can renovate and create a great working environment for your business; it just needs some TLC and some smart investments.

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