Paid advertising is frequently the quickest and easiest approach to getting real estate leads. For example, Facebook Ads are a great way to get real estate leads at a low cost. They are visible on desktop and mobile devices and display a form where users can input their information. Then, double-check the information and add missing details.

Circle Prospecting

Circle prospecting is a great way to develop relationships with homeowners who may not be ready to sell today. The homeowner may not be interested in selling their home until six months or even a year. Circle prospecting is the perfect way to plant the seeds for future business. You can reach out to these homeowners on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram. After all, you attempt to cultivate a relationship with them, not just ask for their business.

The key to successful circle prospecting is to follow up with the person who reached out to you. Agents will skip over people who are not ready to sell for six months. It’s better to follow up after that. If someone says they won’t sell their home for six months, you need to follow up.

Guest Blogging

If you’re interested in increasing your online visibility and brand awareness, consider guest blogging to promote your real estate business. It gives you exposure, but it can also boost your followers on LinkedIn and increase your social media following. What’s more, it’s free! Guest blogging is a great way to build awareness of a topic and contribute to a niche audience.

In addition to the added benefit of brand awareness, guest blogging also increases web traffic and search engine ranking. Just be clear about what you offer, as your readers will have different opinions from those of other people. Your honesty will win over the readers and earn you more potential clients. By showcasing your expertise and sharing your thoughts, you’ll be able to attract more readers and build brand recognition.

Video Marketing

In addition to content strategy, video is a great way to capture your audience’s attention. While real estate can be a fast-paced industry, a video can be made to give buyers and sellers practical advice about the homes they are interested in. You can also create videos to highlight specific neighborhoods. Experiment with the content you produce.

Videos are mobile-friendly and easily digestible, so they are great for generating real estate leads. Make video production a vital part of your real estate marketing strategy. Videos are mobile-friendly and easily digestible, so they are great for generating real estate leads.


FSBOs are one of the best sources of real estate leads. Although a tiny percentage of sellers can sell their homes on their own, more homes on the MLS means more exposure, signs, and people to work with. While this may seem alarming, it is essential to consider all FSBOs when generating leads. It is necessary to provide great service and be responsive to the needs of your leads.

FSBOs can be very profitable. When they sell a property, they will often turn to a real estate agent for help. Not only will they help them sell their home, they will also help them establish themselves as an expert in the industry. Asking people to provide you with a free property evaluation can also generate leads. Make sure to nurture your leads if you want to see them convert.

Online Real Estate Listing Sites

To generate leads, you must have a website. The internet has become a vast marketplace with millions of potential clients. The internet has opened many new doors for real estate agents, but few of them convert website visitors to leads. To help you convert website visitors into leads, you must create an optimized landing page. Your website visitor will spend about two minutes on your website before leaving. Then, keeping the page fresh with helpful content and a clear focus, you can turn visitors into leads.

Use the community page to showcase information about the neighborhood. For example, you can include history, cost of living, and population on your community page. This is one of the best ways to generate real estate leads. It will also help you increase your brand recognition. In addition, you can use paid advertisements to drive traffic to your website. Another way to generate leads is through social media and paid search advertising.

Text Message Marketing

As a real estate agent, you need to know the best times to send your messages. While phone calls are still the most effective way to generate leads, SMS is far more effective. In addition, most consumers read and respond to texts within 90 seconds. Therefore, you have to incorporate text messaging into your lead nurturing strategy to generate more sales.

Your potential leads expect a response from you in real-time. Therefore, you can set up an automated follow-up for every new lead. Bulk text messaging can send a follow-up message to all interested buyers, even if the price has dropped.

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