What is holding your home back from finding a buyer? There could be a number of important factors, and we are looking at the key ones. We want to help you sell your home, and in order for that to happen, you have to look at some problem areas that might make potential buyers less interested.

Bad Pricing

If your home is priced too high or too low, many people will not even give the listing a second look, and they definitely will not want to come by your home to view it. You have to be very careful that you price your home correctly so that it gets noticed by those looking for a house.

If you price it too high, you will scare off people who cannot afford it as well as those who know that it is priced higher than the current market value. If you price the house too low, then buyers may be scared that something is wrong with it and not bother to call you to find out why your price is so low.

The sweet spot is somewhere close to the current market value for a home like yours. You will have to do some research to find out what that is, and you need to factor in the age of the home, its condition, and where it is located.

Poor Presentation

You want to make a great impression on interested buyers. If they take one look at your home and say “no thanks”, then you have done something wrong. You can make even an old home look nice by putting a fresh coat of paint on it, fixing up some of the problems, and putting on a good front. You need to identify key areas of your home that will appeal to buyers and make those look great.

You should also ensure that the house is spotlessly clean. A home with dirt and stains in it will look less valuable, so use interesting & expert house cleaning that does the work for you so that you know it is done properly. Professional cleaning can make a big impact on your home’s presentation and make it much more appealing.

If you know that you have a great home that people would love if they gave it a chance, but you just aren’t getting interested buyers, then take a look at your presentation. There may be something you are missing that could use improvement to make the home more viable for sale.

Little To No Advertising

Do people know that you are trying to sell your home? If you have not made it widely known that your home is for sale, then you can expect very few interested buyers. You need to get the word out.

If all you do is place a small sign on your front yard, you will get a small response. If you place multiple large signs around different sides of your property and at the end of your street, your response will be much better.

You can go further by placing an ad in the newspaper in the realty section and putting your house up on realty websites and online marketplaces like Facebook and Craigslist. The more places you post your house for sale, the wider your reach is and the greater your response is likely to be.

You Don’t Negotiate

How much do you want to sell your home? If you feel emotionally attached to it, you might be unwilling to negotiate down from a high price. If you are too adamant on the pricing, then you may lose buyers who would pay a decent price for it. Be prepared to negotiate and you will be more likely to sell the house quickly. Your house costs you money to maintain and to keep on the market. If you sell it quickly, you can avoid paying some of those extra fees for yard work and house cleaning.

Not Letting People Inside

There may be people who are interested in your home who will pass on it simply because you have not let them see inside. They may go onto other homes that are more accessible. As you try to sell the house, you can schedule open house times and advertise those to let people know that the home is open to the public. If your schedule is flexible, you may be able to live in the home and keep it open for viewing throughout the week.

But if your home is closed off to the public, then you will have a hard time selling it. People want to see what they are buying, and once they get a peek inside your home, they may fall in love with it like you did.

You Aren’t Passionate About Presenting Your Home

Your passion and interest will show though as you try to sell your home. If you have little interest in the home you are selling, you will not excite your potential buyers. You want them to be thrilled with the idea of owning the house, so when you give them a walk-through or you talk to them about the house over the phone, be sure to play up the things about the house that you really love.

What attracted you to the home initially? Let your buyers know about that as well. They may get fired up about it as well and be attracted to the same things you were, but you have to pass on some of your passion.

Your Home Needs Repairs

There might be some things in your home that are run down and need fixing up. Identify those and fix them as soon as you can, starting with the most important issues. If your buyers see there are things that are wrong with the home, they may be turned off to it. You need to take every effort you can to make the house as flawless as possible.

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