Is it time to replace your windows? Replacing your windows can be a big job, so it’s natural to try and wait for the right time to do so. However, waiting too long can see you paying more for your energy bills or worse. So, look out for these major signs your windows are ready for an upgrade.

1. You Can Hear Outdoor Noise

If your windows are closed but you can hear absolutely everything that goes on outside, it’s likely that it’s time for a replacement. Closed windows should keep most of the noise out of your home. If you live in a particularly noisy area, you may want to consider Vinyl replacement windows which are great at reducing outside noise.

2. You Struggle To Open & Close Them

Like many things in life, your windows should run smoothly. You should be able to open and close them with ease. If you feel like you’ve been in a wrestling match every time you try to open them, it’s safe to say it’s probably time to replace them. Having to use excessive force on your windows can easily lead to breakage.

3. You Can’t Lock Them

If you can’t lock your windows, this leaves your home open to multiple threats. Even if it’s only one window, it can make it easier for an intruder to enter your home, leaving your family open to risk. Window locks also ensure that your windows are properly closed and won’t allow any breeze to get in or escape out.

4. Your Energy Bills Are Too High

Your windows can have a huge impact on the energy efficiency of your home. In winter, they should help to keep the heat in, while in summer, they should keep the heat out. If your windows are causing a draught, your energy bills could be up to 25% higher than they should be.

5. Visible Damage

General wear and tear of your windows is nothing to worry about, but visible damage is cause for concern. If you can see any visible rotting or cracks, it’s time to look into getting your windows replaced. Another thing to look out for around your windows is mold. Visible mold can be a sign that your window has hairline cracks that you might not be able to see, which are letting water in and not insulating your home properly.

6. Excessive Condensation

Another thing to look out for is excessive condensation. A lot of condensation could mean that your window sealant has become ineffective, and moisture is easily getting between the panes. A little condensation may not be anything to worry about, but it is worth keeping an eye on if you find yourself noticing larger amounts more often.

High-quality and well-maintained windows should last for around 20 years, so although the cost of replacing your windows may seem daunting, if they are cared for properly, it won’t be something you need to do regularly. Windows should let light in, keep the cold out, and most importantly, keep you safe.

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