If anyone asks me what’s your favorite game, I would say Football and I can bet most of you would agree on this! Football is undoubtedly the most popular and loved game in the country. Moreover, it’s a sport people enjoy, whether they are watching it on the filed or having fun playing it in a club. And for that, the SEC country was built.

SEC country covered all sports-related content, not the fluffed sports information. For instance, there was a post on the website related to the Vols caravan, where the story was told how the previous ETSU football coach, Torbush, took a view at the media who was attending the practice reporting many injuries.

This website has the power and can change the face of the game. However, this website shuts it’s operations on June 30. Disappointing! If you are lamenting the loss of a website like the SEC Country. Here are some of its alternatives:

1. Ronaldo7

As the name suggests, Ronaldo7 is completely dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo. The website features various football live streamings and many other entertaining things.

You will also see Ronaldo’s celebration poses and all the latest posts and news about the player. Moreover, you can also access to various international live streaming matches from the comfort of your house.

Want to know more? Hover to the left side of the website and know more about your favorite player- Cristiano Ronaldo.


  • It lets you stream major matches.
  • It’s a complete paradise for soccer fans, especially the Ronaldo’s fans.

2. Stteam2Watch

Stream2Watch is a live streaming website that will keep you entertained and engaged. With it, you can easily connect to other users through chat boxes and streaming messages. However, unlike the SEC country, there are live football lists that are ranked by start time to keep you scheduled for the matches you want to view.


  • You can easily chat with others in between video streaming and enjoy the game.
  • It lets you stream website, events, and motorsports in just a few minutes.
  • It will enhance your overall live streaming experience.
  • There are golf streams that you will not find on any other platform.

3. Feed2All

Its popular website that let you live stream various football matches and more. There are various video feeds with soccer matches from all around the world. It also lets you change the football match as per the country.

Just change the flag sign, and you will be able to see the matches from the respective country. in addition, you can watch other sports like Dats games, cricket, and snooker at the same platform.


  • It’s the most entertaining website.
  • There are more games than just Football.
  • Offer high-quality streaming services.

4. Lice Soccertv

Just like SEC country, the Live SoccerTv tells you that the matches are soon to be broadcast on which platform and to which channel. It includes upcoming fixtures, soccer standings, news of matches, and other valuable information about players to its fans.

And the best part, the app is available in different languages like Spanish, English, and more.


  • Display Live TV Schedules.
  • It is compatible with both iOS and Android for viewers from both platforms.
  • It also shows important information about Football and its visitors.

While Football is the most loved game of the nation, not every game lover can make it to the stadium. The reason they move to digital platforms, mobiles, TV, laptops, and more. Unlike other games, Football is a game that people love to live to stream. And, if you are juggling to make to the live stadium and are unable to find any live streaming service, the above-mentioned websites are the best platforms to hop on.

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