If you spend considerable time on the Internet, you might have come across the phrase, “How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini”. Well, it’s the super hot, sizzling topic of the web recently! And, there has been so much buzz around Dorian Rossini that everyone wants to have selfies with him. But why is it so? Let’s see!

About Dorian Rossini

For those who don’t have any acquaintance with Dorian Rossini, he is a popular French music craftsman who is praised as an international artist for ‘Starmina’ and ‘Strict’. This DJ and electronic musician created a hum in 2012 when he appeared nude in the fifth season of a reality TV show ‘Angels’.

This unscripted TV drama rehashed a similar accomplishment on the New Year, 2013, when he again posted his naked picture on Facebook to wish a happy new year.

At that point, he thought he has become famous enough; he composed a melody, claiming himself as Adam. The verses of the melody translated to ‘Dorian Rossini is ideal,’ and ‘Dorian Rossini is God,’ ‘Dorian is afraid of no-one,’ etc.

There are no questions about Dorian Rossini DJ being a contention lord. Once, he attempted to enter the castle of Los Angeles star when the security tossed him out of the building.

His weird actions and bare pictures on New Year Eve were extremely disputable and got a lot of criticism. Yet they snatched the eyeballs. Eventually, it increased his popularity even more on social media!

Why Everyone Wants To Have Selfies With Dorian Rossini?

Because he is funny or handsome? Or is he famous? Well, none of these reasons.

Undoubtedly, this artist professed to be God in a bodily form gained a few haters. Yet, he is famous on the web for the sort of substance he shares there. He wants to travel, in fact, once strolled bare so as to visit his grandma.

But, his meeting with Jeremstar, one of the most renowned reporters, made people scroll more about him. After making an appearance in the Jeremstar’s bathtub, where Jeremstar interviewed him, Dorian dropped a comment “Faire style selfie avec Dorian Rossini” (comment Faire des selfies avec Dorian Rossini), which is in French.

People got crazy about that comment and started taking a gander at him with Dorian Rossini YouTube. His fans rose to 60,000+ on Facebook, and over 1,40,000 on Twitter. It could be called a trend on the Internet.

How To Take Selfies With Dorian Rossini 

One of the easiest ways to take selfies with this popular Dorian Rossini is to follow the below steps:

  • Visit Google and look for ‘Dorian Rossini Selfies’ in the search bar.
  • Check out his pictures and pick the one that appeals to you most.
  • Download the image and save it in your drive
  • Go to any photoshop tools ( the one in which you are an expert) and start editing.
  • Merge two pictures (yours+ Dorian); you should be an expert in photoshop and editing.

Another Way Of Taking Selfies With Dorian Rossini

If you don’t want to be an editing expert, there’s another option. However, you need to be super-rich for that. Book a flight and visit France.

So, get your picture and don’t forget to show us in the comment below!

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