Where do you wish to travel in 2021? I know the decision might be difficult to make right now because of the global pandemic and travel restrictions that have led to the closure of many country borders, making it challenging to decide safe destinations to go around the world. People travel from one country to the other because for many reasons, among all, people travel for academic purposes, religious purposes, business purposes, and for recreation or holiday. Let’s take a brief look at the safe destination for academics, business, recreation, and holiday.

The Azores In Portugal

This kind of location is what you need for recreation or holiday in 2021, and this island has unspoiled nature, wide-open space, and a very relaxed atmosphere with clean air. Azores local government partnered with many of the country’s laboratories to allow testing of the travelers before they are allowed into the Azores. The Azores’ regional government greatly monitors these tests, and they also keep records of health measures, the number of cases and laboratories approved for the tests, etc. One of the Azores’ mind-blowing facts is the COVID-19 insurance covering many fees you should pay yourself like; plane ticket, hotel, and hospital costs. This island is also blessed with nature’s rare beauty, making it a recreational place to be. This island has few inhabitants making it well organized, safe, fit for tourism and vacation.

Dubai In United Arab Emirate

The United Arab Emirates, and most especially Dubai, is considered one of the world’s safest destinations. Dubai is a safe destination for tourism, holiday, job, and most especially business. Here are some facts about Dubai and why it is considered one of the safest destinations. Dubai has one of the lowest business costs of tourism in the world. Dubai is well known as one of the cities with the lowest rate of tuberculosis. As international travel opens up gradually, there is still no second thought about traveling to Dubai as travelers’ safety, and well-being is what they mostly care about.


While talking about the favorite destinations for education and family living, Canada is the current hotcake for most international students and families relocating from one country to another, not only because of its multicultural socioeconomic life and flexible immigration policies. Most times, students prefer Canada because the Canadian educational system is one of the world’s best. Since 2016, Canada has been featuring among the best ten countries with the best higher and tertiary education system in North America and the world. According to a recent US News report, Canada is the 3rd best country for education and family living in the world in 2020-2021. Canada is considered as the best country with a business environment and adequate consideration for non-citizens. So when thinking of a safe destination to be in 2021, think of Canada.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s profile has risen in recent years because of the introduction of an e-visa in late 2017, making it easier to visit. One of the most exciting places to visit in Ethiopia is museums, and here you might need to get a means of transportation so that you can travel to many places on your own. When traveling to other countries, you can quickly get inundated with some decisions like which hotel to stay? How much time can I take off work? But as easy as these decisions can be, the end-all always circles back to money. And when you see that you are spending much on your trip, you might have to cut down some expenses.

Talking about transportation, it always carries the most significant expenses on most trips. Regardless of the location you are visiting, transport costs might be your most significant expense. That is why we need to consider another mode of transportation. You might need to sort out how to get an international driver license so that you can drive freely to your chosen destination. Moreover, you will not have to mingle with strangers and you will avoid catching the virus.

If you are considering a safe destination to go to in 2021, you need to consider the cost of traveling, living, and even that of transportation. You also need to check their government policies if you ever consider living with your family for a long time or establishing a business.

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