The digital era couldn’t but affect the dating scene. If you don’t have a partner, it is time to pour a glass of wine, download a dating app, and proceed to create a catchy profile. Sometimes it seems that to meet an attractive stranger on the Internet is easier than to order pizza without delays. Besides, you don’t need to leave your comfy house when there is awful weather outside the window and cross the city during rush hour to find out that your date is canceled. On the other hand, finding a potential partner is not equal to finding love or a person who will be ready to help writing college papers. As they say, “in happiness and in hard times, in sickness and in health.” Thus, if you are looking for love and not a one-night stand, it is worth adhering to the following rules.

1. Choose The Right Place

Unfortunately, they haven’t yet created a website for people only with serious intentions, who want to fall in love and start a family. Such places exist in theory, but you have equal chances to run into a stranger interested only in a one-night stand. So, even though you can meet your love even in the overcrowded subway or a next-door café where you take coffee to go every morning, it is worth soberly evaluating the chosen place. Someone may think that it is frivolous to create a profile on a dating site since “adequate people don’t have problems with communication in real life,” but it is an outdated stereotype. A dating site is a comfortable place to meet new people. It doesn’t distract you too much from other tasks and assignments, even though you can always make an essay order. The significant advantage of dating platforms is the ability to choose suitable partners based on interests, age, and lifestyle. So, it is worth looking for some additional information about the preferred dating site. Search for feedback and make sure there is a suitable audience to choose from.

2. Never Rush

Even though dating platforms’ format may resemble the sale where everyone tries to get an awesome sweater of the right size, you shouldn’t rush. Downloading the dating app, you should give yourself time to meet your perfect match. It is worth spending time not only on creating a catchy profile and sorting parameters out but also on examining all catchy accounts. Weight all their pros and cons, check their social networks if they have left the links, evaluate the appearance, and how much you would like to meet them. If you start a dialogue, try to find more information about their life values and preferences. Such info will help you understand whether you want to meet them in real life. However, don’t prolong online communication for too long. If you are interested in the person, offer them a face-to-face meeting during the first two weeks of communication. Sometimes, reality turns out to be frustrating, and you regret the time spent on the wrong person.

3. Recognize A Player

Even though dating sites have many advantages, some drawbacks can tip the scale if you don’t keep your eyes open. One of the things you should realize is that there are too many people with various intentions. While someone wants to fall in love, others opt for open relationships or collect their fan club. Some people possess a developed charisma and the ability to convince others of what they want. Thus, a person may try to create an impression that you are the single thing they are interested in while they are communicating in the same manner with seven other people. It is not bad only if you know what’s going on and accept the rules. If you want to be their one and only, pay attention to red flags and notice their slips in the communication. For example, they cancel your date at the last minute or repeat their story for the third time.

4. Find Out Each Other’s Priorities

When we meet a new person, they can attract us with their appearance, the easiness of communication, sense of humor, etc. In other words, it will be about some external qualities that add brightness to their image. However, all these things will lose their importance if your life values don’t match. You will have higher chances to have a crush on your partner and develop this relationship if you understand at the initial stages that your priorities match, and you can create a happy and healthy relationship. You can start small and find out about their plans for the year, what things inspire and motivate them. It is not worth asking philosophical questions since you should better be down to earth in this case.

5. Be Honest

To get the best result possible, you should stay honest with yourself and others. If you want serious relationships, tell them about that right away. If your interlocutor disappears after this info, they are not your perfect match and soulmate for upcoming Christmas. Honesty allows you to stay yourself no matter what and find out about a person’s intentions before experiencing strong emotions. And if the person treats your words positively, you will know that you have chances to build a shared future. When you pretend to be someone you are not, you deprive your true self of happiness.

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