The podcast may have started out as primarily a digital audio file that could be downloaded and listened to later. It evolved and now if you imagine all of the entertainment that you like, most people will have at least one podcast on the list. Here are the podcast trends that you will need to consider of you are going to use this form of online interaction for marketing or information  sharing.

Live Events

Whether it is watching the latest e-sports championship or a musical event or concert, if you’re there and have the tech to film it and a platform to stream it to, then do it.  Streaming of live events and shows has become one of the main ways that such entertainment is now shared online. This is one of the hottest trends online and we are all trawling the socials looking for the latest live event to live stream.

Used For Societal Change

Podcasts have been used quite extensively by those individuals and organizations who are interested in effecting and encouraging societal changes. You need to ensure that the software you use (if you want to be professional) will allow for a clear message to be recorded and played back or simply streamed live. Melon has some of the best software for recording a podcast and you will need something similar if you intend to be able to reach sufficient people to make change happen.

Voice Search

Your podcast or the platform that you use must have a voice search capability. The audience is now so much more global that you need to give your content every chance of going viral by making it available to as many people as possible. Voice assistants are becoming more popular, and it is estimated the at by the end of 2022 more than half of all searches will be voice searches. Thus, your podcast must be set up and designed with this in mind to make it findable and accessible.

Short Form Audio

Short form audio recordings are thought-provoking and some of the easiest media to share. The most common use has been as an audio diary but have also been used as a conversation starter for social content that inspires and allows people to connect through personal experiences. The audio clip has become popular as a form of storytelling and is being used to create influencer campaigns and backstories.

There are currently over 120 million Americans that listen to podcasts and this number is expected to grow to beyond 164 million users in the year 2023. They are one of the best marketing strategies in the world at present and have been used by the big multi nationals to the smallest of small businesses to build brand power and spread product awareness. Once you have the right software and a great idea to start your own podcast, you will need to be aware of the trends that have been included herein and try to make the best use of these as is possible.

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