You don’t need flashy china, crystal glasses, or fine silver cutlery to make your dining room table look nice. Here are some nicer (and simpler!) ideas.

You don’t need flashy china, crystal glasses, or fine silver cutlery to make your dining room table look nice. You just need some inspiration and a little creativity.

Today, we’re going to share some of our favorite dining table centerpiece ideas.

1. Colorful Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are good for more than just recycling!

Wash and reuse old ones, or find colorful glass bottles from a thrift store.

Paint them, put something inside them, or leave them as they are. Use your bottles to create a whimsical, casual look by lining them up or staggering them. Maximize interest by mixing up the height, color, and shape.

If you’re having trouble finding enough glass bottles to use, you can also incorporate colorful mason jars. This will help to change things up.

This centerpiece theme doesn’t have to stop at glass bottles and mason jars, either. Sprinkle flower petals around or add a few flowers or green sprigs for a colorful finishing touch.

2. Geometric Objects

Centerpieces don’t have to include flowers or candles — you can display some interesting objects instead.

You’ll probably find that your house is already filled with items of different shapes and sizes. For example, empty glasses, bowls, or a cake tray can give your tabletop centerpiece all the geometric diversity it needs to capture the eye.

Decorative hardcover books and cigar boxes can make lovely centerpieces, too.

Take a trip to the arts and crafts store, and pick up a variety of geometric shapes of different sizes. Make sure these are all in the same color for continuity.

This can look modern and chic in white. Or, with stained wood shapes, it can give your dining room table a warm country feeling.

Any shapes you like will work for this idea: round spheres, triangular shapes, square boxes, obelisks, etc.

Stagger items of different shapes and heights, and your centerpiece is complete!

3. Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets are good for more than just your run-of-the-mill office gifts. Add some life, vibrancy, and color to your dining room tabletop with one (or more!) of these.

They’re great for a casual breakfast, an outdoor lunch, or a seasonal showcase. It’s easy to swap fruit in and out as they come in and go out of season.

This is a great option for anyone who prefers something new and fresh instead of stagnant. As long as your fruit is in season, you’re good to go.

Take your fruit basket centerpiece to the next level with multiple layers. Gather different baskets of different sizes and fill each one with a different fruit.

Fill one with oranges, one with lemons, one with pears, or any fruit you love.

Avoid making your centerpiece look like a supermarket display by giving it some dynamic. Simply set the baskets up at different heights with old hardcover books or anything you’d like.

Run garland around your baskets during the holidays, or fill them with gourds, apples, and corn cobs during the fall. Your fruit basket centerpiece can be the most versatile decoration in your home!

4. Geometric Lanterns

A little light brings a sense of warmth and comfort to your tabletop. Dim the lights, and your table lantern can bring a bit of romance, as well.

Find an old oil lantern from a thrift shop and pair it with candles for a vintage look. Or, skip the candlesticks and set your table up with geometric lanterns.

Go for an industrial or modern look with copper, brass, or pewter lanterns. Sometimes simplicity is the way to go!

Glass spheres, cubes, or any other shape you like will give your centerpiece a touch of sophistication and elegance.

There’s no need to light these up with candles, either. You can fill them with flowers, succulents, or anything you like.

Simplify your centerpiece by spreading several lanterns out along the center of your table. This way, everyone can enjoy a bit of the elegance.

5. Floating Candles

Nothing says classy quite like floating candles. This fire-safe idea is sure to bring some charm to your dining room table.

The simplest way to do this is to add water to a shallow serving bowl and light floating candles or tea lights. Make sure your serving bowl is glass or transparent for an optimal wow factor.

Use bowls and candles of different sizes if possible. This will make your centerpiece even more interesting.

Add color with a transparent and colored bowl, or with colorful candles and flower petals. This centerpiece is sure to bring some calmness and serenity to your mealtime gatherings.


Your dining room table doesn’t have to look like you’re planning to entertain the Queen of England, but it doesn’t have to be barren, either.

Something as simple as a basket of fruit or as complex as an array of geometrical shapes can take your dining room to the next level.

With these centerpiece ideas, your dining room table can make your entire home feel warmer and more welcoming.

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