If you’re a manager at your place of business, there are already things you’re doing right.

You’ve likely demonstrated to your employers that you’re a team player and know the company’s interests are your best interests, too.

But no matter who you are or your specific managerial style, there’s always room for improvement!

This is not a personal comment, of course. Every professional in every capacity can always use a bit of advice to be their best.

Maybe you’re a CEO pondering who to elevate to the role of a manager in your organization and need to decide between several candidates.

Or, perhaps you are a great manager but wish to be a bit more effective.

No matter your specific role or goal, stay tuned.

Learn the seven qualities that make great managers so effective that they’re sure to inspire exceptional workplace attitudes.

Their Optimism Is Contagious

Great managers know that to be effective leaders, they have to put on a happy face.

They deal directly with superiors and subordinates, and it’s crucial to remain positive and upbeat, no matter the situation.


Because they serve as a go-between for different company departments. They know more about the inner workings of a company than most.

They can set a tone, pace, and attitude that will rub off on others. It’s crucial to make that a happy tone, no matter what they may be facing.

And a positive workforce is a happy and productive one after all!

They Support & Improve The Company Culture

A great manager is only thus because they understand and support their organization’s specific culture.

Company culture refers to a business’s beliefs, vision, attitudes, systems, and habits. It’s how a company sees things, plans for the future, and gets things done in the present.

An effective manager will ensure that their company’s culture is understood by employees and supported by them.

They may also enhance certain aspects, like its systems, to make their team more efficient. But only if it shows signs of being beneficial to employees and company goals.

They’re Not Afraid To Show Some Heart

No one likes the tough, crusty manager!

But that can be the appearance one puts forth if they’re not actively being pleasant and understanding with their colleagues.

A lot of this is an illusion, to begin with. People in charge, no matter where they work or with whom, can be naturally intimidating. Often, they run the show and delegate tasks to others.

It’s a job that demands a lot of power and control.

This is why great managers know they have to put in the effort to make others comfortable. It helps employees relax and look forward to getting their work done.

Decision Making Is In Their DNA

Managers have to make a lot of decisions, sometimes at a moment’s notice. Great managers are natural decision-makers because they’re born leaders.

They, of course, have had plenty of professional experiences that make it easier to know how to make certain decisions.

But it’s really an inborn knack for assessing a situation and taking a firm and direct stance that makes them so effective.

They Take Accountability

Everyone makes mistakes, even managers.

Great ones know when to take accountability for any errors they may have made and correct them.

They know that it’s not about being perfect. It’s just as crucial to face up to consequences to earn the respect of others.

It’s also best for an organization not to have a manager who plays the blame game! When they’re mature and take responsibility, it’s also a marvelous example of how their employees should act in a similar situation.

They Share The Spotlight

It’s incumbent upon management to make their employees feel appreciated.

But it’s not always easy to do so.

Lots of companies have WFH departments, while others have a myriad of personalities to deal with. And frankly, not every employee wants time in the spotlight!

Great managers understand this and may already have an employee spotlight system to address all personality types while showing appreciation.

It demonstrates to your colleagues that you care and you’re listening. As a bonus, it can produce lasting effects, like keeping them engaged with the company and the work.

They Get Creative

Managers likely have a business degree and learned a lot of practical knowledge in business school. But while on the job, they probably also realized something crucial.

There are no cookie-cutter solutions for most issues that arise in the workplace.

But when it comes to a business with daily operations and many workers spread across various departments, problems will naturally occur from time to time.

Sometimes a little creativity is all you need. Effective managers know that they frequently have to think outside the box to arrive at a quandary solution.

They’re not afraid to get a little unconventional when a situation calls for it.

This can be as simple as adjusting someone’s work hours to meet a demanding new project. Or as complex as thinking of a way to pitch a creative venture to a client company.

Either way, great managers dig deep and tap into their creative reserves to make everyone happy.

And because of this, they will continue to meet business goals and create an outstanding work environment for their colleagues.


Maybe you’re new in management, looking to improve your existing managerial style, or planning to hire the very best manager out there.

No matter where you fit into the equation, keep these qualities in mind.

Great managers may already have these. But good managers who care about their jobs and their colleagues can learn them.

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