Some people believe that the best way to spend your hard-earned money is on experiences rather than things, and we would tend to agree!

There’s something satisfying about setting up your budget for an experience that you know will be unforgettable. Often, these kinds of expenses involve travel. If you really want to go all-out for a luxury vacation in 2022 and spoil your partner or family, you can have it at Kiawah Island Rentals. Continue reading for a few more ideas and suggestions for some luxury trips and activities you could book out for that ‘once in a lifetime’ feeling.

Book A Yacht Cruise

The yachting life just screams luxury, doesn’t it? For a real spoil, explore the Mediterranean coastline on a beautiful yacht in Greece. You can rent a boat here with 12Knots if this sounds up your alley.

Greece has many beautiful destinations for you to explore onboard (and on the shore) while you enjoy delicious refreshments and champagne, and simply escape the real world. Greece is a great destination for other reasons too – you can view loads of ancient sites and enjoy the beautiful local cuisine.

Go Scuba Diving

This is an activity that takes a little effort – but it’s always worth it. Booking scuba lessons for you and your loved one will allow you to dive in the most beautiful diving spots in the world and experience luxury like never before.

Think of the Great Barrier Reef, or diving in the Caribbean: the beauty that will surround you beneath the waves is something that cannot be captured in words or even photographs, and has to be experienced in person. If you’re a nature lover, this is a holiday activity you don’t want to skip.

Try Out Skiing Or Snowboarding

Extreme sports might not sound very luxe, but it’s all about the views you’re going to be experiencing. Skiing and snowboarding holidays at Courchevel in France are held in high esteem across the world. Being the largest ski area in the world, there is plenty to see alongside the 5-star accommodation you can book for yourself and your partner.

Aside from the luxury experience and all the beautiful sights to see, these sports are an immense amount of fun too, making this vacation unforgettable for more than one reason. But, when taking part in these incredible activities make sure you have the right equipment such as protective gloves, the best snowboard goggle, snow boots, and merino wool ski socks to ensure you’re safe when participating.

Beach Cocktails

If you’re more of a lowkey type of person, maybe the extreme sports and busy activities aren’t calling your name. For some of us, the peak of luxury is in simplicity: lounging on a beautiful shoreline, baking in the summer sun and being served top-quality cocktails every hour on the hour.

In these cases, the view and the accommodation are everything. Consider coastal vacations in Greece, Hawaii, the Maldives, Seychelles, and even the Philippines for some of the most beautiful oceanic views the planet has to offer.

The Takeaway

Luxury is a personal thing, and there’s a luxury experience out there for everyone. You know your partner best, so choosing the right luxury vacation for them will come down to what you know they will love and appreciate most. Pick your poison and get on your plane!

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