The Maldives is one exotic location that attracts thousands of tourists all-round the year. Though popular amongst honeymoon couples, it also finds its way to lure family and friends too. The pristine water with islands dotted with palm trees and clear blue sky invites an environment that is simply difficult to resist. And to top it, there are many hotels that offer authentic seafood and other delicacies which are sure to captivate your taste buds. If you are planning a vacay here, we suggest visiting the following places. Each one has a charm of its own and promises cherished memories which can be treasured in a lifetime.

1. Banana Reef

Another beautiful place that has a charm of its own, Banana reef will take you to another world. Shaped in the form of a banana, courtesy the name, the island is home to a lot of marine animals dotted with cliffs and corals that beautify its ambience. Another reason why this is a popular destination is because people throng here for water sports activities like snorkelling, diving and exploring in the corals. In fact, Maldives packages from India include trained experts who guide you through the activities ensuring that you have a memorable time of your life.

2. Male

If you are one of those who like a little bit of city experience along with the oceanic views, then Male is the place for you. One of the largest cities in this area, Male is home to museums that store in their authentic clothes, artefacts and others handloom materials which are synonymous to the rich culture of the land. In addition, you can enjoy some lip-smacking seafood here in the posh hotels. Male being close to water also offers the opportunity to delve into water sports activities which can be enjoyed with your friends and loved ones alike

3. COMO Cocoa Island

Luxury and Cocoa island go hand in hand, as the COMO island is known for its five star villa’s which will sway you into another world. The villa’s consisting of garden and ocean view type are out of the world, coupled with great hospitality, delicious foods and mesmerizing views which seem like a dream. It is a place for pure relaxation and if you want to refurbish your soul or spend some quality time with your loved ones, nothing better than planning a few days here. The white sandy beach and the pristine water will take all your stress away deporting you to a land of paradise.

4. Whale Submarine

The Maldives is a great destination that combines a natural view and comfortable hospitality. But in case you are looking for something unique then do visit the Whale submarine. As the name suggests, the whale submarine offers a memorable underwater tour while getting inside a transparent submarine like structure. You can view the beautiful corals along with a bunch of other marine animals as the device sways you through the water. And yes, there is a place for enjoying some delicious sea-foods as well. Ideally, a perfect spot for family to conduct a picnic

5. Muraka-Conrad

Ever dreamed of staying below the ocean? Well now you can live your dream by staying in the Muraka-Conrad Maldives resort which is one of the unique resorts that is built under the Ocean. Designed in two-layer villa, the undersea resort has gained traction amongst the tourists. Though hard to believe in the beginning, the Villa is something very different which includes a personal butler at your service. In addition to the comfortable ambience of the rooms, there are plethora of other benefits too, like the infinity pool, a special spa treatment centre where you can pamper yourself and also a trainer centre. All in all, we suggest you do experience a two-night stay.

6. Rangali Island

Though there is no dearth of islands in the archipelago of Maldives, rangali island is considered one of the best amongst one. Known for its picturesque views, the island is a perfect spot for families to revel and rejuvenate themselves. Famous for dolphin spotting, many tourists visit here with family to see the beautiful dolphins. There are spots where you can also feed them alongside trainers. Additionally, you can enjoy swimming and a variety of other sports activities on a visit here.

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