Owning a car is an enormous expense. Most will plan for their monthly fees and the increasing price of fuel, but they forget about regular maintenance.

Budgeting for preventative KIA Rio service cost, for instance, means you catch problems early and save yourself a wad of cash in the long run.

Planning for maintenance is the difference between your car starting in the morning and one that does not! But what does vehicle maintenance involve and why should you plan for it?

Your Car Maintenance Budget

Without a vehicle maintenance budget, it is easy to neglect your ride’s basic maintenance requirements. The regular and few KIA service hours can help prevent serious mechanical issues from developing.

Your KIA’s maintenance items usually depend on the mileage and not the time. Here is a list of common maintenance items based on certain mileage:

  • Oil changes
  • Multi-point inspections
  • Battery checks and replacements
  • Hose inspections and replacements
  • Wiper blades checks and replacements
  • Tyre rotations
  • Braking system checks
  • Engine and cabin air filter checks and replacements

KIA service experts recommend you follow your model’s suggested maintenance schedule, which is stipulated in the owner’s manual. Other parts that require periodic replacement include timing belts, spark plugs, and transmission fluid.

A budget for vehicle maintenance helps you plan for the scheduled maintenance items. And, you get to save money for expensive and unexpected repairs.

How To Create A Vehicle Maintenance Budget

Deciding that you need a budget to cover the regular KIA Rio service cost is the easy part. The hard part is putting it together and sticking to it.

Here are three easy steps to help you determine how much money to set aside for maintenance.

Step 1: Gather Past Receipts & Maintenance Records

A good budget starts with investigating the history of your vehicle and basing the current year’s budget on last year’s expenses. This lets you see what was recently repaired or replaced and the services your car likely expects this year. Past receipts also show the KIA service department hours, so you can work this into your work schedule.

Collect all records of oil changes, tyre checks and rotations, and other maintenance and repair jobs from the previous year. Add all the costs in the receipts together for the total amount you put into maintaining your car. Divide the number by 12 to get the average amount of money you are putting into your car each month.

Step 2: Assess Current Car Maintenance Needs & Your Financial Situation

Adjust the figure from Step 1 to account for the automobile’s condition.

Budgeting also means you become realistic about how much money you take home and your car’s maintenance demands. Consider increasing the amount you budget for vehicle maintenance from what you spent a year earlier.

Does your car require a major service or does it need a new set of tyres soon? Put it in the budget.

Step 3: Plan For Unexpected Repairs

Now that you have a figure of what to expect to pay for general car maintenance, always include a margin to cover unexpected repairs. The goal is to set up a fund that will be large enough, so you will not be scrambling when you take the car to the shop unexpectedly.

Always keep your vehicle maintenance fund separate from other accounts and only use it for your car.

The best service centres offer a convenient KIA online service booking system that lets you set an appointment for your car in advance. You might also get a temporary replacement vehicle while your car is being worked on and other benefits.

Regular Servicing Helps You Save More

Regular car maintenance offers you peace of mind that you are preventing major expenses down the road. A little financial discipline is all that is required to create a solid budget and plan for regular checkups without fearing the KIA Rio service cost.

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