Plastic surgery is a popular branch of medical science that helps patients regain or reshape their natural features in a completely different way. According to a recent analysis, the past few years have witnessed a drastic increase in cases of plastic surgery, and the concluded reason behind the same was confirmed to be the lack of self-confidence and esteem in individuals. You might want to take a look at Stratus Plastic Surgery in this regard.

Today, with the enhanced influence of social media and beauty filters, the craze of looking beautiful has abruptly grown. This has led to both positive and negative impacts on lives. To escape such effects, people often turn to the option of plastic surgery.

Let us today have a look at both the positive and negative effects of plastic surgery on an individual’s self-esteem.

Positive Impact:

Increases Self Confidence

This is one of the widely popular positive impacts of plastic surgery among patients. It helps you fight your insecurities by improving them, and you gain new confidence to face the world and take up new challenges. It provides you a sense of satisfaction with your appearance, which ultimately boosts your personality.

Decreases The Problem Of Social Anxiety

It is very tough to remain social when you are not content or happy with your social image. The feeling of lacking precious features or being less worthy compared to others gives rise to social anxiety problems. Such people disconnect themselves completely from the world. And choose to live a lonely life which is not good for their mental health.

But now, with plastic surgeries, you can fix what you don’t like about yourself. It can be anything like the shape of your nose, chin, or mark of an accident. Anything that makes you feel insecure about yourself can be fixed through plastic surgery.

Negative Impact:

Organ Damage

This is a serious consequence of plastic surgery treatments, and the patient must give a deep thought to this aspect before making the final decision. For instance, some treatments like liposuction have witnessed few cases in which the peripherals used during treatment led to fatal injuries to the person’s lips. It either needed another surgery to be fixed or may even remain non-fixable forever. There also have been some cases where the patient even succumbed to the injuries.

No Going Back

Once you undergo plastic surgery, it becomes almost impossible to regain the natural appearance of that particular body part. There is no space for dissatisfaction left. You have to go on with the postoperative results even if you don’t like it. This is a real problem.


Overall, the negative effects of plastic surgeries are comparatively lower than the positive impacts and hence are a grand success. It gives you a normal life afterlife thrashing experiences like accidents or heavy medicinal complications. Self-Esteem is a very important trait of a human being and must be preserved to avoid major consequences like depression, disorders, and even suicidal tendencies in youth. To eradicate the risk of encountering surgery-related complications, you must do good research on the doctor you are referring to.

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