In recent years cosmetic surgeries and procedures have gained acceptance within people. While many people start with less invasive procedures like botox and dermal fillers, at a certain point after that many of them consider getting cosmetic surgery done, that includes face lifts, facial rejuvenating surgeries, rhinoplasties that have drastic as well as long lasting results.

Many people are undecided about plastic surgery as it is a very big process and making the right decision about your face is a huge thing and can be associated with anxiety and fear. These concerns are understandable as you are entrusting someone with your face. This decision takes a lot of reassurance and moral support that the surgeon is going to achieve the look you want and not make you look unnatural or fake. There can be other anxieties too like finding the right doctor and having the perfect experience without complications.

How To Prepare Yourself For Facial Surgery?

There are some tips regarding facial and cosmetic surgery that you should follow if you are planning to undergo surgery and overcome your fears. Make an educated decision about your surgery and dispel your fears once and for all.

Finding The Right Surgeon

There are a lot of facial/plastic/aesthetic surgeons in the market but how will you know that you are choosing the right person for yourself? It can be a daunting task as there is a high risk factor. According to the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery you should look for a surgeon who is board certified in facial and reconstructive surgery as they are specialists. These surgeons have completed a five year highly competitive program and one year of general surgery and at least four years of training specializing only in head and neck surgery.

Dr. Pero, a facial plastic surgeon Plano is an expert in facial surgeries, he has been practicing for the past 10 years and is a well known expert in his field.  He puts a strong emphasis on natural appealing results and avoids poorly performed facial surgery.

How Long Is It Going To Take To Recover?

Generally people have the idea that the recovery is going to be worse than the actual surgery. The time period for recovery is not very long- upto 10-14 days, while some perceive that it will take 6 weeks. There can be some swelling and bruising during recovery, while the incisions heal. Your surgeon will provide detailed postsurgical care instructions and pain relief recommendations to speed your healing.

Will People Be Able To Tell?

One of the other concerns that people have is that will other people be able to tell about the surgery? But if you have the right surgeon and he performs well then the result will be natural in appearance and nobody will be able to tell.

The key is to find the right surgeon and do the proper research. You can even ask the doctor for before and after pictures of patients he has performed surgeries on so you can get a sense of the quality of their procedures.

You have to find a surgeon with a track record of high quality results. One of  the important questions to ask your doctor is whether they collect data and patient satisfaction reports that show patient satisfaction data after 3 years of their surgeries. If there is a high percentage of people who are extremely happy with the results after more than 3 years, then you are most likely to have a successful procedure.

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