To help make traveling more safe as well as convenient, there are various tools you should keep in your car that can aid you if you’re ever unlucky enough to break down, or if you get into an accident. The following tools can help you protect yourself, alert other drivers, protect your car and keep it well maintained, or simply make your experience in the car more comfortable.

Spare Tire & Tire Jack

Having a spare tire within your vehicle is really important, as it can be really helpful if your current ones either burst, get a puncture, or wear down below the legal minimum length of tire tread. Being able to change your tire without having to call any roadside assistance will help you get on with your journey far quicker and can save you some money as well.

If you’ve just gotten a new car, check to see if a new tire has been included, because many modern cars don’t come with them as standard anymore. If this is the case, it’s worth making the investment to ensure that you’re always prepared for a fault or failure.

As well as a tire, it’s also important to have a tire jack laying around your vehicle as well, because without one you won’t be able to change tires, making that spare one a but useless. Make sure you’re clued up on how to set up a jack properly, to avoid any mistakes that could lead to nasty accidents.

LED Light Bar

Keeping a set of emergency lights, such as LED light bars is a good way to maintain your safety in case a bad situation arises. These lights can be mounted onto your vehicle and used to alert other drivers of a hazard, and are most commonly used by police cars, vehicles of with a heavy load such as lorries, or large vehicles that are too big to stay within one lane, such as tractors and other industrial equipment.

Having these light bars that can emit flashing lights will help notify others of you, allowing you to deal with your emergency with confidence, while staying safe as you do it.

Jump Leads & Portable Batteries

The most common cause of a breakdown or failure to start a car is because the car battery has gone flat, perhaps because a light has been left on or the radio was switched on overnight. The best way to deal with this common problem is to get a jump start via another vehicle.

Of course, in order to get a jump start, you need to connect the cars with a jump lead, meaning that if you don’t have them, you’re at the mercy of passersby, as you can only rely on motorists who have their own. You can simply prevent this problem by carrying your own, which will mean you’re more prepared.

To ensure that you don’t have to rely on anyone else to jump start you, you could also invest in a portable battery pack and use that to start your car, allowing you to get on the road without needing the help of others.

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