Several advantages come with marketing in the modern world rather than doing it however many years ago. This is because of the advancements that have been made in technology that make it so that the ads we put together are a lot more targeted and they are also catered towards your preferred audience better. Of course, where there is a solution, there is also a problem. When we let different pieces of software and machines decide on what our marketing strategy should look like, we can often lose our brand’s personality within this. If you want to avoid this, then you should be sure to do a few different things that make your marketing more personal. These are all discussed in more detail below.

Reward Recurring Customers

The importance of customer retention cannot in any way be understated. There is a rule in business that is known as the 80/20 rule, which essentially means that 80% of your income will be generated by 20% of your customers. This means you need to make sure that not only are you attracting new customers, but you are also doing everything within your power to keep customers you have already acquired. One of the best ways that you can do this is by rewarding your recurring customers.

This is a tactic you see quite frequently in the world of online gambling as companies such as casinoroo will often offer free spins and bonuses to customers who come back and use their services frequently. When your business does this, not only are you keeping existing customers, but you are also making it so that people feel a lot more valued by your business. This is a much more personal approach to marketing that your business will benefit from.

Send Personal Emails

When you are sending an email to your customers, you must be making it so that you are sending it directly to them as opposed to sending a general email that covers all bases. When you are sending out multiple emails to multiple customers, having different variations that cover the things they have previously shown an interest in, you are much more likely going to generate interest from these emails. Email marketing can be incredibly effective, but this must be something you do right to get the absolute most out of it.


Marketing in the modern age is a lot easier and more effective than it used to be. When you use modern marketing practices, you are ensuring that your ads are getting put in front of the right people, and you are also ensuring you can measure the effectiveness of ads. Of course, in such a world of digitalization, you do not want to just fall into the trap of automating everything. You need to make sure your marketing still has that personal touch, as by doing this, you are making sure you are a lot more likely to see results because of your efforts.

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