Getting older doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy your favorite hobbies and activities. Gone are the days when seniors were resigned to sitting in a chair all day! Now, entering your senior years makes almost no difference to your capabilities.

Whether you enjoy home-based hobbies, such as cooking or gardening, or you enjoy socializing in the community, mobility aids can keep you safe and stable. You’ll be more independent and confident in your abilities, knowing that you won’t fall over.

Falls are a huge concern for older adults and it results in reduced physical activity, loss of mobility, depression, and social isolation. Compared to younger adults, seniors are more likely to sustain a serious injury if they fall over, including open wounds and bone fractures.

Mobility Aids For Older Adults

Thanks to the development of the healthcare industry, there is now a wide range of mobility aids available, all of which can greatly reduce your risk of falling over. You can continue taking part in physical activity without the worry of injuring yourself.

Even if you have a chronic health condition that limits your movement, you can still benefit from using mobility aids. They’re suitable for seniors of all ages and capabilities.

Here are three great mobility aids that you can benefit from as an older adult to improve your quality of life and minimize the risk of injuries.

1. Adjustable Beds

Getting the best adjustable bed for your home can make it easier to get in and out of bed. Whether you use your bed to relax during the day or exclusively for sleep, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t struggle to get into a comfortable position.

If you have limited mobility in your hips and knees, switching to an adjustable bed is more suitable than a flat bed. You can elevate or lower an adjustable bed, meaning you no longer need to climb onto a high bed and risk falling over.

You can also alter certain areas of an adjustable bed. For example, if your doctor has asked you to elevate your lower body to aid blood flow, you can heighten the bottom of your bed to lie with your legs above the rest of your body. If you want to sit and read before going to sleep, you can bring the top of the adjustable bed up to find the best seated position.

2. Cranes

Canes are by far the most common mobility aid. If like most older adults, your balance and stability have declined in the last few years, you will benefit from using a cane.

Although simple, canes are highly effective at keeping you on your feet and reducing the risk of falls. They come in all shapes and sizes, and some brands even offer candles in different colors and patterns.

Your cane will make it easier to walk around your home and in public. They reduce the tension in the lower body muscles and joints by holding some of your weight.

Although canes reduce pressure on the lower limbs and joints, they can place a lot of strain on the wrists and elbows if used incorrectly. Make sure to find a cane with a handle that is easy to grip and doesn’t cause pain in your hands or wrists.

3. Walking Frames

Walking frames, also known as Zimmer frames, are a type of mobility aid that consists of a metal frame with four solid legs. There are a few different kinds of walking frames, including non-wheeled, wheeled, and rollator walkers.

Using a walking frame can improve balance and stability, and offer much more support than canes or crutches thanks to their wider base. However, walking frames can be heavier and harder to use than canes and crutches, which might be an issue if you have low muscular strength.

To tackle these issues, many brands are offering lightweight, foldable walking frames that are easier to use. You can take your walking frame wherever you go to provide extra support and comfort while you’re out of the house.

Rollators often also have a small seat that you can sit on when you need a break during your walk. If you need extra support as a senior, rollators are probably the best option compared to non-wheeled and wheeled options because they tend to be sturdier and easier to grip.

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