Traveling abroad is incredibly exciting and the experiences you will have can be life-changing, however, as a tourist in any country you are often a target for all types of crimes. Some crimes might be minor although many are serious and can leave you injured or unwell. Therefore, read the tips below on how to stay safe when traveling abroad to avoid any negative experiences.

Fit In With The Locals

Firstly, if you look like a tourist then you will get treated as one, which usually comes with all of the negative experiences such as being a target for pickpockets and being overcharged for excursions. To avoid this, try to blend in by wearing what the locals wear and speaking some of their languages if you can. This way, no matter if they believe you to be a tourist or not, they will have more respect for you by trying to fit in with their culture rather than standing out like an ignorant outsider. This means avoiding draping yourself with expensive camera equipment, money belts, and backpacks since you will find yourself getting treated as a tourist and in the worst case, being a target for robbery.

Be Travel Smart

There are a few smaller tips that might make your travel experience much safer and less risky if something bad were to happen. For example, by being prepared and organized, you could place money in different locations such as some in your luggage, backpack, safe in your room, and any other places that you can think of! This way, in an emergency, you will always have some backup funds to help you get by. Another way to travel smart is by preparing for the worst. This means getting travel insurance to cover your valuable items and personal health.

Always make sure you have protection for unexpected events. For example, if you have gone to live in another country for work, any medical emergencies may not be covered, which is where organizations such as Allista can help you return to your country of origin for treatment. Plan for the worst that could happen, and you won’t be caught out.

Start Conversations

Meeting people can be one of the most exciting parts of traveling since you will get to learn about unexplored places, travel like a local, and have some company for the evenings when being alone isn’t such a smart idea. Couch surfing in large cities is a great way to travel around on a budget whilst getting to know friendly and hospitable people, along with the staff at hostels usually being great guides to discover new places and even to share a drink with. Nevertheless, it is best to always trust your gut instinct about people since they may not all be friendly and hospitable. Make sure you always share the same travel philosophy about safety and behavior when out and about.

These are just a few tips on how to travel safely in a new country, however, there are plenty more things to consider such as scams and skimmed ATMs. Nevertheless, generally, it is best to remain savvy while traveling and avoid letting your guard down, which includes preparing for the worst and staying relatively sober.

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