Selling your house can be a really nerve wracking experience for most people. Finding a licensed real estate agent and getting a good deal on commission pricing is important to the bottom line. Couple that with paying for inspections, repairs, upgrades, and cleaning, and the list of expenses can mount quickly.

Traditionally you could wait months, or even years depending on the market that you are in for your house to sell. While you wait there are repeated showings to clear out while people pick apart your decorating skills. There are also the dreaded open houses allowing complete strangers to wander through your home.

There is a way to sell your property without the hassle of traditional real estate contracts. By using a company that buys houses for all cash quickly, you can avoid the wait and inconvenience that normally comes along with selling your home. With the competitive market, this way of selling your house is becoming a popular option.

If you are in the Baltimore area try searching online for, “Sell house fast Baltimore” for more information. You may be pleasantly surprised by just how quick and easy this process can be.

Selling Your Home “As Is”

Selling your house “as is” means that you are not required to go through the process of updating and repairing your property. With a traditional home sale, you would be facing inspections that would require you to replace and/or repair items, before the sale of your home. This can be very costly for the seller. With selling a home as is, you will not be required to replace or repair anything at all. No painting, cleaning, staging, or removing clutter. For more information on how to “Sell house fast Baltimore”,  search for a company online in your area.

Getting Started

To get started in selling your home to an all cash company, gather some information that you will need to give them an idea of what you are selling. They will need to know things like what the square footage of your house is and the year that it was constructed. The size of the lot will be important along with basic information like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and garage spaces. Just some general idea of the size and condition of your home will be helpful. Look for companies in your area that will “Sell house fast Baltimore”.

Next, contact a local buyer in your area that buys houses for all cash sales and make the call requesting an appointment. After taking down your information, if you meet their criteria, be ready to set a time to meet with a company representative who will come to your house to appraise your property.

The Appraisal

The company appraiser will assess your property at an agreed upon time. After an initial inspection, and a general idea of what condition your home is in, you will be made an offer based on its current condition and the necessary improvements, sometimes within 24 hours. The offer will be made in writing. Again, this is an “as is” condition with no repairs. What you see, is literally what you get.  At no time are you obligated to accept the offer being made. There is no charge for the appraisal and no hidden fees. If you are comfortable with the offer being made, accept the offer, and you are on your way.

No Contingencies Or Hidden Fees

The terms of the sale will be clearly outlined with no contingencies or hidden fees. There are no worries about the closing being stalled by a sudden inspection and the fees that go with it. There are also no escrow deposits or office fees.  By selling your house for an all cash offer as is, you avoid being saddled with commissions to the realtor and sometimes the buyer will even help with the closing costs. All of this means that you will be left with more cash in your pocket. To save commission and fees on the sale of your home, contact a company that buys houses “as is” for cash by searching, “Sell house fast Baltimore” online.

Closing The Deal

When it comes to closing on the sale of your house, using an all cash buyer gives you plenty of wiggle room for when you will actually be completing the sale and moving. Using this method puts more control of the timeline in the seller’s court.

In cases where the seller is facing default on their mortgage and would need to close very quickly to avoid this happening, a quick closing would be ideal. This can happen for motivated sellers in sometimes just a matter of days. If for some reason you need to sell your property very quickly, this is probably the best course of action for you.

Other times the seller will need more time to close and move. If you have recently accepted new employment that is too far away for a commute, you may need more time to get everything in order and find housing in a new city. There are any number of personal reasons that a seller may need more time to close, but most companies that buy in cash are willing to work with the seller in these cases.

Selling For Cash “As Is” Could Be Right For You

If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future do some research into using a company that buys houses for cash. Whether you are working on a tight deadline and need to sell your property quickly, or just want out from under the mounting house repairs and obligations of homeownership, selling a house to an all cash buyer can save you time and money on expensive repair bills and the headache of inspections.

For more information on selling your house for cash, look online for a company in and around your area by searching for, “Sell house fast Baltimore”. You may be surprised how easy it really is.

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