Many happy couples choose a long engagement for different reasons, such as building wedding savings, planning the perfect event stress-free, or ensuring a loved one can attend.

If you have chosen to wait to say, “I do,” there are many ways to make the most of the special moment and organize your big day. Read these tips on how to enjoy a long engagement.

Build A Vision For Your Big Day

As you will have the luxury of time when planning a wedding, you can use it to build a clear vision for your big day. You can use the years to discuss with your partner where you’d like to exchange nuptials, your desired guest list, and the exact budget you will need to make your goals a reality. It will ensure you feel 100% ready to plan your wedding when the time is right for you both.

Don’t Book A Venue Or Vendors Too Soon

Despite agreeing on a long engagement, you might want to book a venue or specific vendors to avoid disappointment. While you should research as much as possible about your dream venues, catering companies, and wedding entertainment, don’t book too early.

Many factors could change during a long engagement, as you might need to move the wedding date, businesses may close, or a loved one might not be able to attend on your chosen date.

Research The Perfect Dress

Finding the perfect dress can feel like an impossible challenge when you first get started. As there are many designs, silhouettes, colors, and materials to choose from, you might be unsure about the best gown for your big day. Use the extra time you have to find the perfect wedding dress, keep an open mind when choosing a design, and pick a style that makes you feel excited for the special day.

Work On Your Health & Fitness

A healthy, active lifestyle can transform your physical and mental health, which may lead to greater confidence when walking down the aisle. Plus, as exercise can ease mental clutter and lower stress levels, you will find it much easier to plan your dream wedding.

Use the long engagement to work on your health and fitness. Take the time to develop healthier eating habits, hit the gym, or adopt a daily walking or running routine. You can even workout with your other half to ensure you both feel fantastic on your big day.

Anticipate Wedding Questions From Loved Ones

If your heart is set on a long engagement, you may receive many questions from loved ones about your wedding date. Rather than feeling pressured, remember they are only eager to see you walk down your aisle. Don’t allow the pressure to affect your long engagement. Have a polite yet firm answer ready to bat away their questions.

Use your time wisely during a long engagement. Research your dream day, take your time to find the perfect dress and work on your health and fitness to feel better than ever throughout your wedding.

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