As people have spent more time indoors than ever before over the last few years, many have decided to create a cool home bar to relax and unwind in their spare time.

If you’re eager to turn your outhouse, attic, or spare bedroom into a sleek bar, you must add some essential items to your list.

If you’re more than happy to skip the crowds and enjoy a drink at home, check out the following five items every home bar needs.

1. A Mixology Set

If you want to master a Pornstar Martini, Cosmopolitan, or a Mojito at home, you’ll need a dependable mixology set in your bar.

The set will feature the tools you need to create delicious cocktails that will linger on your tongue, such as:

  • A martini shaker
  • Strainer
  • Jigger
  • Tongs
  • Bar mixer spoon
  • Bottle opener

If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to making cocktails, browse various recipes online or take a cocktail masterclass near you.

2. Sophisticated Liqueur Bottles

Wow every visitor by adding attractive, sleek bottles onto a shelf or behind the bar, which you could highlight with stylish LED lights.

It will add a splash of sophistication to your home bar, and a delicious drink will be within arm’s reach.

Of course, as you might quickly run your bar dry when socializing with loved ones, you should request flavoured liqueur gifts for your birthday or Christmas to restock your home bar.

3. Pour Spouts

Don’t spill a drop of your flavored liqueurs and favorite tipples by adding pour spouts into your home bar.

The small, affordable bartender essential can help you accurately pour drinks if you don’t have a jigger.

Plus, the pour spouts will create a more stylish, authentic bar experience, which will make you and your loved ones feel a million miles away from the home.

4. Quality Garnishes

The best cocktails often feature quality garnishes, which will add to the flavor and drinking experience.

For example, you can’t drink a Manhattan without cherries, and a wedge of Pineapple in a Pina Colada will transport you to a tropical paradise as soon as you lay eyes on it.

If you want to bring an authentic bar experience into the home, you must add garnishes to your cocktails.

So, don’t forget the fresh mint in a mojito or half a passion fruit in a Pornstar Martini, or your loved ones will want to walk out the door to visit their nearest bar.

5. Peak Sphere Ice Mold

2-inch ice cubes might make your drink cold initially, but they can quickly melt and dilute your drink.

Enjoy a colder drink for longer in your home bar with a 2-inch peak sphere ice mold.

The peak sphere ice will allow you to enjoy your drink from start to finish, and it will look cool and sophisticated in a rocks or Collins glass.

However, stock up on a few molds to ensure you don’t quickly run out of ice for your loved ones.

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