Understand The Role Of An Interior Designer!

The role of an interior designer is multi-faceted. Still, it mainly consists of providing accurate design advice for the safe occupation of the people who work, live or use the interior space.

Interior designers usually operate across various sectors with different laws concerning the use of products and varying specifications between residential and contractual use. Keeping all this in mind, an interior designer must always be quick-thinking and comply with all the building, health and safety, and product regulations. Choosing the right interior designers means choosing someone with the right qualifications, experience. For example, for a person or a firm based in Bangalore, exploring interior designers in Bangalore will be a better option for ease of access, finance and feasibility than choosing an interior designer from anywhere else.

Under the job profile of an interior designer might come advising about the interior layout of a building and proposing various reconfigurations. The interior designer might also generate 2D or 3D plans and schedules for each product, layout, flooring plans, etc. The designer may also be the contact person for contractors and a team member alongside architects, electrical and mechanical experts, and so on.

The Distinctions Within The Profession Of Interior Design

What Does An Architect Do?

An architect is a professional who designs the look, shape and function of a building so that it is safe and legally compliant. Usually, in India, only those who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from a recognized institution can call themselves Architects. Some qualified architects sometimes also offer some interior design services, and some provide decorator services.

What Does An Interior Designer Do?

The job of an interior designer impacts the well-being, safety, and function of a space. To call oneself an interior designer, one should have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Interior designing from a recognized institution. Sometimes, an interior designer may provide an interior decorator’s services too, but they may not offer an architect’s services.

What Does An Interior Decorator Do?

An interior decorator provides styling services with the adornment of interior products and objects after the interior design is completed. In simple terms, they help decorate the interior space. An architect or interior designer may provide interior decorator services along with their service, but a decorator may not provide the services of an interior designer or an architect.

Making The Right Choice Of An Interior Designer: Things To Know!

Be Aware Of Your Budget Before Choosing An Interior Designer

Before hiring an interior designer, sit down and think about how much you want to spend on an interior designer and how much you can manage to spend. Hiring an interior designer on a budget is possible with the right amount of planning. Keeping track of the expenses once the project starts is also essential.

Set A Timeline For The Project

Setting a timeline for the project is crucial since you have to work with an interior designer’s work schedule, which has to align with your plan and timeline.

Research Local & Online Interior Designers

Choosing the right interior designer means researching local and online designers and their qualifications and experiences. Going for locally available interior designers will be more feasible in terms of finance and ease of access. Keep in mind, interior designers are often influenced by their location, bringing parts of their culture into their designs. If you live in Bangalore, for example, a local interior designer may be influenced by the city’s rich history. An interior designer in Sydney, like Helen Coulston, on the other hand, may be more influenced by the city’s modern culture.

Shortlisting Candidates

After researching local and online means, one can shortlist a few for further research. Cross-checking, the interior designer’s experience and qualification from recognized institutions are essential. Reputed interior design companies will have portfolios on their websites, so one can even cross-check and make sure of the authenticity.

Figure Out The Interior Design Style

Figuring out how you want your interior space to look is vital while choosing an interior designer so that your likes and the experts’ skills can go together while creating your design.

Essential Questions To Ask Your Interior Designer!

  1. What are your references and essential credentials?
  2. How do you structure your interior design projects?
  3. How much is your fee?
  4. Could you show similar projects that you have worked on?
  5. What is the interior design style that you usually work with?
  6. Could you show the recent interior design projects that you recently worked on?
  7. What are the essential things that you require while working on a project?
  8. Can you recommend local contractors?

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