Anniversaries are a special occasion for all couples out there. Whether someone is celebrating your first anniversary or fifth or 25th one, it is always special. The love, care, and respect that a couple has for each other increases with passing years, and anniversaries are special milestones which celebrate that.

An anniversary is special for every family member that is close to the couple. The same goes for your sister and jiju. The relationship between you and your sister has always been special. Now that she is married and is celebrating her anniversary with her soul-mate, doing something special, and getting awesome gifts for them is of course on your mind.

Unfortunately, we are in lockdown due to this pandemic. It is a tough situation, which means that you cannot go and meet your sister and brother-in-law personally. Sending gifts is out of options, and sending cake and flowers is also risky and prohibited in some places.

But this doesn’t mean that you cannot celebrate their love. You can, all you have to do is get creative. In this post, we will explore some creative ideas for celebrating your sister and her husband’s anniversary.

Let’s check it out.

Start With Penning An Anniversary Quote

You can either send wedding anniversary wishes to your sister via text or post it on social media. Also, you can put together a collage of their best photos, and use an anniversary quote.

It will make it personal and the quote you pick can be something that justifies their relationship. Share it digitally with them, and after the pandemic, you can frame and gift it to them. You can use Canva to create the collage.

Celebrity Message

Ferns and Petals have come up with a unique way to celebrate special days. The celebrity message is a package in which you can choose from a list of your favorite celebrities and get a message from them.

They will wish and say some great things, and getting an anniversary wish from a celebrity whom your sister likes are something she will always cherish or you can give her a rebecca zamolo merch which she can enjoy.

Video Anniversary Wishes

Distance should not stop you from making your sister’s anniversary special for her. One creative idea for making the day memorable for her is by sending her a video message which contains everyone’s wishes. Connect with all your close family, and her and your jiju’s close friends. Ask them to send you a minute or less long video in which they wish the happy couple. Let the people get creative with their messages.

Once you get everyone’s messages, compile them together. You can use tons of editing software like adobe premiere or filmora or so on. Merge the videos, and a surprise is ready.

You can also start the video with some of the pictures depicting the journey of the two love-birds.

A Video Call

Get every close family member on the line at midnight, and do a video call to the couple. Seeing everyone they love together even virtually will make them feel loved. Also, you can cut a cake together virtually, dance, sing, and toast to the happy couple.

It is not something that we would have done before, but it is the best way to create memories and make the most of the situation.

A Karaoke Party

Connect with everyone virtually, and set up a karaoke party. Start with a couple of the hour. Make them sing their favorite song or the song that they danced at their wedding. Everyone else can take turns singing, it will quite fun. You can even ask everyone to dim the lights and use spring lights for some disc effects.

Bake A Cake

So, what if you cannot send your sister and jiju a customized cake this year? Celebrate their special day by baking a simple chocolate or vanilla cake. Then do a video call to them and cut the cake for them. It is just a simple way to say how much you wish that their life is full of sweetness and cakes!

All these are quite simple and affordable ideas (some don’t require any expenditure). But they do show your love for your favorite couple, and that making their special doesn’t require your physical presence.

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