Starting and running your own blog can be a very enjoyable—and even profitable—pursuit. There are many different topics and themes that you can write about as a blogger, and it is almost always best to choose one that best matches both your knowledge and your interests.

If the world of music is your passion, starting your own music blog can be a good choice. Music is one of the most accessible topis to write a blog about—you don’t need to have any formal qualifications or practical experience to start a music blog, and many hugely successful music blogs are run by music fans and listeners rather than musicians or other people in the music industry. So how can you become a music blogger?

Step 1: Find Your Niche

The first step towards becoming a successful blogger is to find your “niche.” A niche is a specific area of interest that your blog will explore. Examples of blog niches include business, technology, home design, lifestyle, and health. Of course, music itself is a niche, but it is a very broad niche, as are most of the others listed here.

To stand out from the competition, look for a niche within a niche. For a music blog, why not focus on music of a particular genre or subgenre, or the local music scene from a specific area?

Step 2: Get Contacts

Running a successful blog involves making different contacts. Making contact with musicians and others in the industry who you can interview is one example, and another is making contacts with fellow music bloggers. While your blog is competing with other music blogs for attention and online traffic, this doesn’t mean other bloggers are your adversaries—in fact, sharing each other’s work and even using guest posts can be mutually beneficial.

Step 3: Create A Content Calendar

Posting interesting content at the right times and frequency is essential for the success of your blog. It is widely recommended that you plan in advance what you are going to post on which days for at least the next two weeks, and that you post at least two articles a week.

Step 4: Choose A Web Host

Launching a website involves two steps: purchasing a domain name and choosing a web-hosting service. Services including WordPress and Wix are popular and can help you with both of these, but make sure to shop around to find the best deals.

Step 5: Design The Site

Web design is a difficult skill and hiring graphic and web designers can be helpful if you want to go for a more complex site. It is usually best to start out simple, and many web-hosting services have built-in site-building tools to help you.

Step 6: Design A Marketing Strategy

Once you have designed a blog, you will need to make sure that people actually visit it! Digital marketing can be worth learning, but it is a complex art and it may be worth using professional online marketing services such as to get your blog off the ground.


The most important point to remember when starting your own music blog is to make it your own. Let your personality and passion shine through, and your blog could end up making an impact on the music industry!

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