Practicing water conservation in your gardening landscape can help benefit both the environment and you. It’s a well-known fact that 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water; however, only 3% of this water is readily available for human consumption.

Exercising water conservation is an act that can save you a lot of energy and time. In fact, the need to save water in your backyard doesn’t even need to be time-consuming and difficult for you to reap these rewards. There are many useful methods that you can implement today to help you reduce your water bills and preserve your community’s water supply. Below are just a few suggestions that you can follow to help you with your water preservation journey.

1. Re-Equip A Smart Controller Into Your Irrigation System

This may require you to make a slightly larger investment that can range from about $300 to a couple of hundred thousand.

However, making the active decision to buy one will ensure that you have an all-weather type irrigation controller that will revamp your watering techniques to make them more efficient.

2. Have An Automatic-Rain-Shutoff Device Installed

This is a low-priced gadget that you can have installed on your irrigation system controller. Its main purpose is to help you determine when the appropriate amount of rain has been collected so that you can shut it off.

An automatic-rain-shutoff apparatus can help you to protect your garden from overwatering. It may also assist you in keeping a low water bill.

3. Get Rid Of Leaks

EPA states that 6,000 water gallons are wasted in a year from a “1/32” diameter water leaker on an emitter or hose. Just imagine how much it would cost you if you had numerous leaks! Out-of-door leaks tend to cause a lot of water wastage often because they tend to go unnoticed.

However, this problem can be resolved by hiring skilled landscaping technicians who will be responsible for checking such leaks.

4. Consider Investing In Artificial Grass For Your Lawn

Nurturing and cultivating your own natural grass will at least take you between 3-4 months to grow. On top of that, you will be doing a lot more watering on the lawn during the summer period. You may also be combated with the problems of having soil that contains high levels of salinity, which means you will be spending more time and money conducting tests with the aim of treating the soil.

Collaborating with artificial turf specialists such as can ensure that you no longer have to be frustrated about not having suitable soil or enough water to help support the growth of your lawn. Another great advantage of investing in artificial grass is that it is drought resistant. Meaning that you will only be using water to occasionally rinse the grass to help prevent dust buildup and odors.

5. Consider Installing A Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are great for plants because they don’t contain chemicals and salts that you would otherwise find present in city-water and groundwater sources. Seeking the expertise of landscaping irrigation specialists can assist you when it comes to deciding the most efficient way to combine your irrigation system with rainwater.

Implementing and adhering to the above recommendations will help you maintain low water usage without compromising on having an aesthetically pleasing lawn.

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