Management and employees should always coordinate their efforts to increase productivity. It is almost impossible for management alone to accomplish every task required to run a business. Employees must carry out the tasks that management assigns to them for any company or organization to function correctly.

Coordination means that both parties work together as efficiently as possible to achieve a common goal, such as increasing profitability. It may seem easy to do, but it is not always so simple in practice. However, when people can work together without feeling animosity or resentment, the outcome will most likely be positive results says Michael Osland.

Let’s imagine you own your own landscaping business, and it is fall season—the busiest time of year for your company since that is when most people want their lawns to look freshest before winter sets in.

You have a crew of 10 employees, plus yourself, but one of those employees has been complaining non-stop about having too much work and being tired all the time, so it is evident that he is unwilling to do as much as he can your business. Meanwhile, another employee comes late to her shifts several days a week, so she cannot complete the tasks assigned to her on time. If you don’t do anything to resolve the problems with these two employees, they will drag down all of your other workers.

Enhance Team Morale: Michael Osland

The whole team’s morale will be affected by their uncooperative behavior, and so productivity will go down too. 10 people can’t accomplish as much work in a day as possible if 2 of them are not working at their maximum capacity.

Because you want to run your business successfully, you must take control of this situation right away before it gets any worse. First, you should sit down with both problem employees separately—without the presence of other staff members—and talk about what they are unhappy about, why they are having issues doing their jobs, or how they can improve upon the problems they are having.

Deal With Problems

After discussing these problems with each individual, make sure that both of them agree to do their best to work harder and be more responsible toward the tasks at hand. The goal here is for them both to want to change the behaviors that led to the problem in the first place.

The next step would be to set up a meeting with yourself plus your ten employees so that everyone knows what is expected of them going forward. Be sure to emphasize that each person has responsibility within their department and duty as part of the larger team. All workers must cooperate if your business wants to continue being successful!

There are many ways management and employee coordination can enhance your business, they include:

  • Providing feedback on an employee’s performance to encourage positive change.
  • Maintaining productivity through effective organization of tasks, availability of resources, etc.
  • Keeping all employees up to date with the latest information, so everyone knows what is going on in the company.
  • Sharing knowledge to help others perform better within their role(s).

Ensure that you follow these steps to get the most out of your workforce.

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