Retiring to a peaceful place after a day’s hectic work is everybody’s wish, isn’t it? And that place is your home, always. At times you may not find peace at your home. You will feel drained out even after enough rest. This may be due to negative energy accumulated over time. You have to get rid of these vibes so that it doesn’t affect you mentally. One of the best remedies for this is the burning of incense at home. It offers a meditative atmosphere at home.

Use Natural Incense

  • Hand-rolled, thick incense gives out a lingering fragrance. It is essential to fill your entire space with the fragrance to clean it off the negative vibes.
  • The use of natural materials makes the incense stick suitable for this purpose. Identify those who source the materials ethnically to maintain their authenticity. Palo Santo which is essentially used as incense isn’t threatened or endangered as is believed, so try it out. Natural incense even if slightly expensive is really good and helps you a long way.
  • Inhale the fresh fragrance wafting through your homes. Light one as soon as you get back home and when you return from a shower, you will find your space rejuvenated.

Choose Aromas That Cleanse

Specific aromas help cleanse the energy in your space. Sage, Palo Santo, sandalwood, and lavender are some aromas that are used to bring in the purest form of energy.

These aromas arouse a meditative effect around the house. It is necessary to calm your mind and have a peaceful sleep. There are many other types of aromas like jasmine, lemongrass, rose that you can choose. They help you relax after a tiring day.

When you buy incense for your homes, try out the fragrance at the store if possible. The store person can also help you choose a good one that will energize your home zone.

How To Use?

  • Incense is not only burnt for its fragrance but also its antibacterial properties. When you use the incense, light the end and keep it burning for 5-10 seconds. After this, blow out the flame and keep it in a stand for the aroma to spread.
  • Make sure to use a good incense stand. You have to keep the incense stick secure when they are burning. There are a variety of incense holders available in the market in varying sizes. Choose one according to your need.
  • These can also be used as décor pieces to enhance the beauty of your space. But for this, you have to choose a holder which has space for collecting the ash of the burnt stick so that you can easily dispose it off.
  • When you burn the incense you have to ensure that it is away from any flammable items. Also, place it on a level ground which is also heat-resistant.
  • Keep it at a distance from the furniture, curtains, or walkway. This way you can avoid any accidental fires.
  • Another point to note when burning your incense is to keep your home ventilated. You have to allow free movement of aroma to your entire space. Also, if you keep the doors and windows closed, you may be suffocated by the smoke of the sticks.
  • Keep all windows open to allow movement of air that can take the scent of your incense into your home.
  • If the fragrance is very mild, you can place separate incense sticks in each room.

All of the above help maintain a positive vibration in your personal space. It is very important to have positive vibes around, as it makes you more active and live life to the fullest.

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