There are many LED headlight brands in the market. However, not all offer value for their money.

While most cars come with halogen headlights pre-installed, nowadays, more people prefer installing plug-and-play LED headlights and reverse lights. Halogen lights have a tungsten filament, which lights up when heated. They also have halogen gas, which is usually argon. Although it is an old technology, it has improved over the years. Halogen lights are cheaper than LED lights, which makes them a popular choice for car manufacturers. Most LED lights cost more than $50. Despite this, LED headlights and reverse lights are replacing halogen lights. There are several reasons for this.

LED lights are not only efficient, but they also last longer than halogen lights. While LED lights are 80% efficient, Halogen lights are only 2% efficient.

Moreover, the lifespan of LED lights is longer than halogen lights, and they also provide more illumination. There are two types of LED headlights available: single beam and dual beam.

When buying a LED headlight or reverse light, you need to make sure that it complies with the standards within your State. For example, in California, red, blue, and green color lights are prohibited from use.

In addition to this, you may want to consider other specifications, such as the lifespan of the light, light intensity, its warranty, etc. If you are looking for car lights, see for high quality reverse lights and headlights.

Halogen & LED Lights Headlight Manufacturers

Philips X-treme Vision [Halogen]

Because of their high light intensity and this range of headlights are the leading halogen lights in the market. Compared with other halogen bulbs, these are also cheaper. They cost around $24 and have a 1-year warranty as well. They have a lifespan of 300+ hours. The bulbs require 12V to work and a wattage of 60/55 Watts.

Sylvania SilverStar Ultra [Halogen]

Sylvania offers a range of headlights, including fog lights, safety lights, and others. It is quite popular among car manufacturers. The SilverStar Ultra is the brightest light offered by the company. The company also claims that these lights provide more clarity of the road. It has the same electrical requirements as the Philips X-treme. However, it costs around $28, which is more than other halogen bulbs. Moreover, they have only 200+ hours of life.

BeamTech H11 [LED]

BeamTech Lights cost about $37 and have a lifespan of more than 30,000 hours. The output power of each lamp is 25W. Since it has an LED bulb, the heat from the bulb is less than halogen lamps. Moreover, it can operate in extremely cold as well as hot weather conditions (from -40 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius).

Blaze T20 [LED]

Blaze LED taillights are high-quality, although they are slightly more expensive than halogen lights. They have more than 30,000+ hours of life. They also work in the range of 9-30 Volts. They also have a high-temperature resistance. In addition to this, they have a 3-year warranty.


Since LED lights have a longer lifespan, it is better to install them in your car. If the price of LED lights is not a constraint, then go for LED lights. But keep in mind that not all regions allow LED lights in cars.

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