From the inevitable online shopping spree to settling the tab to booking flights, life in Hong Kong is definitely made easier if you have a credit card at hand. Hong Kong is considered as one of the world’s best cities in terms of trading and banking. So, finding the best Hong Kong credit card for your needs will not be that hard. Yes, there are many to choose from. However, you can make the right decision in a few hours if you compare your selected options. The problem lies in using it effectively and accurately. Thus, next, some dos and don’ts of using a credit card in Hong Kong have been discussed for your better understanding. So, read on to know more.

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  • If you want to avoid overspending, then you need to consider your actual needs first to select the right credit card for you.
  • You need to fully understand the terms and conditions of the credit card of your choosing. There are many individuals, companies, and websites that can provide help when it comes to the interest-free repayment period, credit limit, minimum payment amount, and other fees and charges.
  • To comprehend the applicable charges and fees, you need to carefully study the credit card fee schedule.
  • There are some banks that consider granting waivers of annual fees on the best Hong Kong credit card. Look for such advantages and submit an application to the bank for their consideration.
  • Take advantage of APR (Annualised Percentage Rate). Use it to compare the interest charges and other fees asked by different banks on cash advances and retail purchases.
  • Banks in Hong Kong are required to notify in advance about any specific period when they wish to change their related charges and fees, key terms and conditions, and their credit limits. So, as a customer, you need to keep an eye out for such notification.


  • Without careful consideration, you should not make any cash advance transactions with your Hong Kong credit card. In most cases, banks tend to charge a higher interest rate on cash advances.
  • You should avoid overdue payments. It will incur a late charge. Besides, poor repayment history will affect your future loan applications and credit card record.
  • Be aware of welcome gifts. There is no need to make unnecessary payments just to meet the conditions of a new card offer.
  • Avoid partial repayment and minimum payment amount as this will incur finance charges. Your new transactions will incur a finance charge if you fail to settle in full payment of your credit card bill before or on the due date.
  • To avoid unauthorized transactions using stolen data, you need to be very careful while using your credit card. Do not disclose information like OTP (One-Time Password), security code, expiry date of the credit card, and the card number to a third party.

There you have it; these were some important dos and don’ts of using a credit card in Hong Kong. If you follow these simple rules, then you will be able to use the best Hong Kong credit card effectively and correctly. There are many types of credit cards to choose from. Take your time to select the right one as per your preferences and needs. There are many sites that provide information in detail about the different types of credit cards available in Hong Kong. So, choose accordingly to get the best help.

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