Jasmine Thai rice is named after the sweet jasmine flower. Ideally, jasmine rice grain is long and turns out to be light when cooked perfectly. Jasmine Thai rice is super easy to cook; however, there are certain tips and tricks that you need to take care of to prepare the perfect Thai rice. One top-secret to take care of while cooking jasmine thai rice is pouring the right ratio of water.

When shopping for jasmine thai rice, you should go for Thai native Thai rice labeled as ‘hom mali.’ In addition, you can also buy new crop rice as they are fluffier and fresher. In this article, we mention some tips and the recipe to cook the perfect Thai rice meal for yourself.

Tips To Cook Perfect Jasmine Thai Rice At Home 

Right Amount Of Water 

The right amount of water is extremely important to cook the perfect jasmine thai rice at Home. Cooking on the stovetop is different than rice cookers; hence you need to be careful with the water rice ratio. You can start with 1part rice top 1.25 parts of water when using new crop rice as an ideal ratio. The water ratio differs based on the kind of rice you are using. For example, you should use a 1:1.5 ratio when using brown jasmine thai rice as it requires a longer cooking time.

Rise The Rice

Rinsing the rice to remove extra starch helps in cooking Thai rice to the desired texture. It would be best if you rinsed jasmine rice in normal water before cooking them. Then, add cold water to a container and swish the grains with your hand to remove the extra starch. Not removing starch will leave the grains sticky and gummy after cooking. Hence, you should repeat the rinsing process at least thrice.

Low & Slow Is The Key

An essential tip of them all is to cook jasmine thai rice low and slow. One main reason behind this is that the higher your flame will be, the more chances you give yourself to make errors. Cooking on a low flame offers a significant window between the done and burnt stage. Additionally, cooking slow will let the flavors set in completely.

Directions To Cook Jasmine Thai Rice

  1. Put the rice in a container and cover up to 2 inches with water. Swish the grains with your hand until the water turns foggy. Now, strain the rice and change the water 3-4 times. You are removing extra starch accumulated in rice grains during the milling process.
  2. Now, put the rice into a saucepan and add water in the ideal ratio based on which Jasmine rice you are using. Ensure that the saucepan has a tight lid to seal the temperature and produce the required steam to soften rice grains. Switch on the stove and turn the flame knob to low. Let the rice cook for 20 minutes on moderate flame.
  3. Check the saucepan after 20 minutes; if the water has dried up, but you find the rice is a little wet, remove the saucepan from the stove and let it rest with a closed lid. The rice will be ready after the moisture evaporates. Before serving, run a spatula through the cooked rice to check if the rice grains are separate and nicely cooked.


Cooking jasmine thai rice is not a complicated process, but it requires attention and careful effort. A little carelessness can burn the rice. It is best to rinse rice before cooking to remove the starch from them. Moreover, using a saucepan with a glass lid to monitor the progress throughout the cooking period. Finally, use the tips mentioned above for cooking yourself a yummy Thai rice meal. Happy Cooking!

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