After working all your life, retirement is something you have been looking forward to in recent years. You think about all those little things that need doing around the house that you’ve not had time or energy to get to. There’s that cruise you’ve been wanting to take to the islands, and of course, you want more time to spend with the grandchildren. However, there’s so much more to consider as that long-awaited day approaches. Unless you have mapped out plans for the following scenarios, you could be caught unawares. Take the time now to make these decisions so that you know your future is secured.

Downsizing vs. Senior Living

This is one of the most important decisions you can make when retirement is looming in the near future. After you’ve done all those things on your bucket list you never had time for in the past, how do you want to live? Do you intend to keep a huge house going or perhaps it’s time to downsize? If you are thinking about all those chores that you may be unable to do at some point in the near future, downsizing to a condo seems like a good idea.

However, did you know that you have another alternative? As a resident of Missouri, for example, have you thought about the benefits of a skilled nursing facility St Louis? There are various senior living communities with skilled nursing staff on the premises 24/7 and even if you don’t require those services now, as a senior there is every reason to believe you just might in the not-so-distant future. For instance, Botany aged care accommodation is one of the best nursing homes for you to spend your retirement in a friendly and comfortable environment.

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Final Expense Insurance

No one likes to think of the day they will pass from this world to the next, but unfortunately, that’s something no one can avoid. If you are worried about the hardships your family will face when making final arrangements, covering the cost now with final expense insurance will help immensely. Also, you might consider stating in your will exactly what you’d like done at the time of your demise. Do you want a funeral at the church you’ve always attended or perhaps you’d like to be immediately cremated with a Celebration of Life at some later point? These are things you can arrange today so your family isn’t left trying to decide when they haven’t even had time to grieve yet.

Drafting A Living Will

This is something else you will not want left in the hands of your beloved family when the time comes. Although you may be able to talk to them as you lay in a hospital bed, it’s not something they will want to discuss. Advance directives are always important if you don’t want your loved ones left with the decision of keeping you on life support, for example, or taking you off when there is no hope. Take the time to decide now what you want to happen should that day arrive when you can no longer make the decision for yourself. Not only will your wishes be followed but you can take the pain from the shoulders of those you love.

These are all important things to decide as the time of your retirement approaches. Once made, the only thing left to decide is how you will spend your time doing all those things you never had time to do before. Isn’t that a relief?

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