Black color has been that statement color appropriate for every moment which is loved by everyone. Black is trending, in colors, showpieces and paint colors. In fact, the coolest black thing right now is black interiors and exteriors. People are crazy for black homes. 

Many people have revealed that black looks luxurious and sophisticated. Dark colors are very rich including grey, brown, and charcoal. Black brick house exteriors give a neutral and expensive backdrop best suited for modern designs. These black bricks can give your home a perfectly twisted outlook.  

10 Best Black Brick House Exteriors Ideas In 2022

1. Modernized Black Brick House Design 

Modernized Black Brick House Design 


Modernized Black Brick House Design 2


You can witness this aesthetic black brick house design in Polska, Grunwald. It was designed by Easst architects for a family of four members. It covers a total site surface area of 290 square meters and architect covered area of 250 square meters. This black brick house has five bedrooms, a kitchen, four bathrooms and some outer space. 

The most attractive thing about this house is its black exterior.  The architects of the house wanted to build durable designs in unusual colors. Though the choice of architects was black color, the building owner didn’t approve of it. So, despite the solid black color, black façade brick was chosen. It was combined with natural oak-colored woodwork. 

While constructing the black brick house, the architects used external blinds in the windows, whereas the rest of the parts were covered with wood. A backlit ceiling was infused to offer a feeling of daylight even at the night. The blocks were reduced to simple and economical geometrical forms. 

This black brick house design is a great choice for those who are more into creative house exteriors. 






This black brick house isn’t a house but a workstation built by Akusha Design and Architecture Studio. It is designed for all the designed-minded communities, like fashion designers, architects, photographers, visualizers, stylists and copywriters.  

This black brick house building has become one of the most famous ones in the city due to its modern design and monochromatic color palette. It was constructed in 2018 and represents the clean modernized black brick effect.  

YA VSESVIT covers a total area of 180 square meters comprising an architectural store, 80-seated lecture hall, a design gallery and a stylish co-working space. The black bricks can be seen in the exteriors and interiors as well. Other stones have also been used along with black bricks to add prickliness to the design. The soft tectonics of brickwork seems like the most complex interior element. 

To add drama to your black brick house, black brickwork can be crafted. 

3. Hoddle House 

Hoddle House 


Hoddle House 2


The black brick house design was created to meet the changing needs of young families over time. Hoddle House was designed by Freadman White, and it features various spacious areas with flexibility. It covers an area of around 250 square meters. 

It isn’t a completely new building, only a few new modifications were made to the already built structure. The building owners wanted an additional play area for their kids. That’s when a new room, kitchen, terrace and living room were built. Only the new area of the house has been constructed using black bricks.  

The wide walls made of black bricks have inbuilt windows that offer a formal, shading-effect, thermal warmth in the house and are also cost-effective. The exterior roof of the black brick house has been made with a hipped roof. The way it is made along with the black brick interiors and exteriors complement each other. 

4. Hollande Bethune Social Housing 

Hollande Bethune Social Housing 


Hollande Bethune Social Housing 2


The black brick house building is located in France and is one of the most visually attractive buildings in the city. FRES Architectes constructed it using unique materials. The building is fully black with a tint of yellow in the form of window frames and doors. Factors like contrasting colors, textures and designs make the exterior look pretty amazing.  

Hollande Bethune is located in a posh area of the city and is deliberately implanted along the two roads. The black brick house building has four floors, and two extras on the angle of two boulevards.  

The interior of the building includes a large colored window that creates a contrast between its transparency and the opacity of the black bricks.  

5. Black Brick House With Wooden Accents 

Black Brick House With Wooden Accents 


This black brick house building isn’t fully black as it is made of materials like stone and wood mixed with black bricks. The architects of this building chose softer black color instead of the matte black one. 

The exteriors have been built with a comparatively darker shade of black than the interiors. This shade is a perfect match with the rich, wooden accents of the home. Looking at this, it’s pretty sure that choosing any combination of colors can add a whole new twist of aesthetics to your house. 

6. The Classic Black Brick House 

The Classic Black Brick House 


The Classic Black Brick House 2


A famous architect well-known for his various masterpieces in the world of art, Michal Nowak, designed it. The black brick house is located in Wroclaw, Poland. The building comprises of sharp edges and a unique stacked structure. 

The house has two levels, the upper level with large windows for acquiring enough natural light inside and a plain rectangular chimney is also there to add warmth to its interior. 

7. Aperture In The Woods 

Aperture In The Woods


Aperture In The Woods 2


The architects, Takero Shimazaki and Charlie Luxton renovated this amazing black brick house structure. The property is stretched over 2015 square meters of area.  

It was a house built in the 1960s and is located in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, London. This beautiful house had been vacant for three years and desperately needed a few repairs. Jonathan and Ana Maria Harbottle, the homeowners wanted a modern twist to their house without affecting its original charm. 

So, the building was designed with black-colored brickwork, huge windows and an angular roof. New bricks were added to hide the adjoinments between the old and new. Then they painted the building black. Now, this black brick house is mainly used for hosting musical events, family gatherings and retreats. 

8. Black Brick House With Black Roof 

Black Brick House With Black Roof 


Black on black on black is the new trend. The homeowners have painted all its bricks in black. In fact, the roof and trims are also colored black. Black gutters on the black brick house create a monochromatic effect to make this house stand out among all the others in the neighborhood.   

If you are looking forward to designing your house in all black, then add some plants to amp up the ambiance. 

9. House Embracing Sky 

House Embracing Sky


House Embracing Sky 2


It is a suburban building situated in Mang Dong in South Korea. Archi Workshop designed this project. It was their second residential project in Seoul. 

The building features bold black exteriors and huge windows. It covered a total area of 108.9 square meters. The neighboring buildings invade the site’s border. So, the building covers only the 50% coverage ratio. In total, there were only 56 square meters to build. 

The inclined façade design was specifically made to follow the building codes, which was turned into a mirror Façade. The mirror used there embraces the sky and captures a change of scenery without getting noticed. 

10. Black Victorian Brick Mansion 

Black Victorian Brick Mansion 


The Victorian house is owned by Aly and Adam. They decided to go all-black with their house. White windows were placed in-between, on the upper floor, and the black window has been used on the lower level. The whole black looks so chic so you can give this black brick design inspo a thought. 


Black is a classic and timeless color. This shade works with every kind of architecture. Black bricks look super cool be it in a mansion villa or a tall-tower flat. So, these are some of the best black brick house designs that can be derived as inspiration for renovating your house. 

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