Brand kits help to know more about a brand quickly but thoroughly. In this article, we’ll explain what it is and why it’s crucial for your business, and where you can get your own brand identity template right now.

Why Do Business Owners Should Use A Brand Kit Template?

A brand kit is a condensed, simple to understand guide for your company’s visual identity. It serves as a short guide to understanding the typefaces, colors, and messaging that characterize your brand. Brand kits are typically distributed as printable PDFs or PDF downloads.

If you want to maintain your brand’s clarity and consistency for everyone who needs to create marketing materials or advertisements for your company, brand identity templates are essential. A branding template is a one-stop shop for everything you want to associate physically or aesthetically with your company. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Brand KitWhat Is The Purpose Of A Brand Kit?

There are numerous strategic reasons to get a brand kit template. For starters, as your company grows, you want to ensure that your brand image and messaging do not get diluted or distorted. That’s when a brand kit can be useful.

Your brand kit guarantees that all marketing and communications are correct and on-brand.

Whether they come from your social media team, sales personnel, or customer advocates, all assets related to your firm should use the same colors, typefaces, and logos. Any blunders could harm your brand’s reputation along the road.

Why Do You Need Brand Identity Templates?

Branding is a crucial part of starting a business. Customers’ perceptions of your firm can be influenced by your brand identity.

A great brand kit can help you manage your brand’s visual components in one place, ensuring consistency across all media, whether it’s your LinkedIn profile, website, or flyer.

It will also be extremely beneficial to you and your design team. It’s a simple application that contains all of the components needed to create great display ads and more.

Why Do You Need Brand Identity TemplatesIf you are ready to get a brand kit that suits your project, here we found 11 brand kit templates from MasterBundles, that can be used for different projects. 

Brand Identity Presentation Templates

Modern PowerPoint Templates In 2021. Bundle: 44+ Templates

Here we have presentation templates that include 45 templates, +230,000 slides and counting. It will ease the process of preparing all kinds of presentations for your company.

Nature Floral Presentation Template

Look at this colorful nature floral presentation template that includes 50 slides and works in different formats such as Powerpoint, Keynote and Google Slides. Use it to spice up your project’s presentations. 

Fashion Business Presentation Template: 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides

Check out this Fashion Business Presentation Template. It has 50 slides and 5 color schemes. Use it to present your fashion project in a creative and eye-catching way.

Brand Identity Kit Templates

Stationery Branding Identity Bundle

Have a look at stationery branding identity bundles. It is fully editable, likewise,  customizable to any of your choices. You can replace the titles and logos with your own and change the colors and images to match your brand.

Creative Business Branding Stationery Identity Mega Pack

Here we have 31 Design Templates for creative business with multiple pages and high-quality clean and creative designs. It is fully editable with trim marks and guidelines included.

30 Creative Brochures With Extended Licence

With these creative brochures, you may enhance any business to express your message in a style that will capture the reader! You’ll have 30 excellent templates to select from whenever a customer requires a brochure that stands out from the crowd.

Brand Identity Mockup Templates

Apparel & Cosmetic Mockup Bundle 2021 – PSD

Mockup Bundle for Apparel and Cosmetics based on professional photos. These templates are ideal if you’re beginning a fashion brand or simply enjoy making outfits. You can easily change the item colour and apply your designs by using the smart layer. 

80+ Apple Device Mockups: PSD Mockups 2021

These Apple device mockups are ideal for displaying your website or app in a natural manner. Each PSD mockup is fully layered with smart objects, making the construction of your mockup template as simple as dragging and dropping.

Professional Mock-Ups Bundle

This package includes ten different types of mock-ups, including app mock-ups, mobile app mock-ups, Web presentation mock-ups, website showcase mock-ups, website display mock-ups, mobile mock-ups, isometric A4 paper mock-ups, and others.

130 Flyer & Posters Bundle

We created an incredible collection of posters and flyers for you that includes 130 visual concepts, each with two posters and four flyer formats. The Poster & Flyer Bundle is ideal for a variety of industries, including designers, entrepreneurs, lifestyle brands, and creative firms.

1400 Multipurpose Business Flyer Templates

Here we have about 1400 Flyers Templates with various purposes and styles, suitable for corporate, financial, agency, travel, restaurant, beauty, gym, rental vehicles, and so on. Everything will be simple to change.


If you’re just starting off, you might be able to take advantage of this time to enhance your brand presentation. Or perhaps your brand is established but could use an improvement. Use these brand kits as a roadmap for you and your business as you expand both internally and internationally, providing a consistent customer experience wherever audiences may discover you.


How To Apply Brand Kit To Templates In Canva?

Go to Canva’s homepage’s Brand Kit tab first. Tap the “+” symbol next to the categories for your logos, colors, and fonts to upload your own content. Next, go to the editor page, add text using the Text tab on the side panel menu, and use your logos and color scheme using the Logos and Styles tab.

What Is A Brand Kit Template?

Brand Kit Templates are collections of templates, graphics, and other assets that may be used to develop a distinctive brand identity for a company. A brand kit offers a place to start when developing a brand identity that is consistent throughout all of your marketing initiatives.

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