There is an old saying, “life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.” However, it is important to get rid of teeth gap to get a radiant smile. It is also essential to realize that the tooth gap is not merely an aesthetic concern. If left untreated, it can also lead to other dental problems later in life.

You might have often wondered, “is it worth spending money to straighten my teeth?” Well, the answer to your question is yes. Braces for teeth gap is a fruitful choice to protect your teeth for the long term and restore your confidence in your bright smile.

Causes Of Teeth Gap

  • Natural skeletal development causes the teeth to grow in this way. If there is a significant size difference between your jawbone and teeth, it can either cause overcrowding or tooth gaps.
  • Extra teeth take up extra space in the mouth, causing disproportion among other teeth. This leads to either overcrowding or tooth gaps.
  • Thumb-sucking should be restricted in children for various health reasons. The tooth gap is one of them. When an individual sucks their thumb, it pulls their teeth forward. Although it is a slow process, it brings change eventually.
  • Periodontal disease also causes gaps in teeth. This disease leads to bone loss between teeth, causing them to move and shift, hence generating teeth gaps.
  • Missing teeth provide extra space for other teeth to grow and move, which can also lead to gaps.

Braces For Teeth Gap

Every person requires something different from the others. While some people require fairly uncomplicated treatment, others need regressive work done. Due to technical advancements in the world, no matter what treatment you require, you can easily get it done.

Braces for teeth gaps are made of various elements to bring maximum efficiency and desired results to the patients. It basically undergoes a process wherein your orthodontist focuses on moving your teeth’s bones slowly and steadily to align them.

Types Of Braces For Teeth Gap

An immense variety of orthodontic options are available in today’s time. From the conventional method of metal braces to technologically advanced clear aligners, it sometimes becomes challenging to pick the best treatment option.

You can choose out of these few treatment choices to get optimum results and a radiant smile.

1. Metal Braces

Traditional braces for teeth gaps are significantly more helpful in the case of patients with an issue of overcrowding. Another benefit is that since the introduction of new methods of teeth alignment, braces for teeth gaps cost way less than other methods. However, these braces are aesthetically displeasing and are fixed in your teeth, making it difficult to brush and floss.

2. Gold Braces

In most cases, people try to make their braces look the least visible. However, some people embrace their braces, which is why they opt for gold-plated ones. They function exactly like the traditional metal braces but with a bolder look.

3. Clear Teeth Aligners

Clear teeth aligners are the most recent and trusted form of teeth alignment, which is opted for by numerous individuals. This is because they provide convenience without snatching away the aesthetics of one’s teeth. You can try toothsi aligners to undergo an easy and painless procedure and receive effective results without jumping out of your budget.

4. Lingual Braces

Image-conscious individuals and working professionals find it difficult to wear visible metal braces. For them, lingual braces are also a viable choice. Lingual braces contain the same components as conventional metal braces; however, the difference is that lingual braces are fixed at the back of your teeth so that they are not visible to others.

Once you are clear with what method you want to use to straighten your teeth, it is also especially important to look for a trustworthy brand to get reliable results. Toothsi is India’s leading and most trusted brand for tooth alignment. It utilizes modern technology and expertise to provide convenient and affordable services to its clients.

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