Dubai, the most luxurious city in the Persian Gulf, boasts a glittering skyline, wealthy experiences, an exotic lifestyle, and world-famous attractions to explore. But, among the seamless things to do and see, one thing remains a cut above the rest: the Dubai Desert Safari.

While there are numerous adventurous activities to satisfy your adrenaline levels, a Desert Safari in Dubai is your best bet. An eventful day or a memorable night amidst the great Arabian Desert is something to experience in Dubai.

Consisting of numerous activities, here are the best things to do in Desert Safari Dubai.

1. Watch The Beautiful Sunrise

The desert is the perfect place, where you can witness the sun shining the brightest and look the biggest near the desert horizon. Gaze at the stunning golden beauty and engulf its awesomeness. Begin your day with this breathtaking view and continue with other safari activities.

2. Take A Fun Camel Ride

A camel ride is a must on the Dubai Desert Safari. It gives you a memorable 45-minute ride. Enjoy the beautiful Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve as you ride the camel and explore the desert wildlife. The camel safari may last for 45 minutes on the majestic dunes. It is usually included in the morning desert safari or the package you select.

3. Hop On A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Get a 360-degree view of the great Arabian desert in a hot air balloon. The hot air balloon can take up to 24 people at once. Feel the adrenaline pump as it drifts high in the sky, offering spectacular views. Witness the vast desert and spot wild animals like gazelles and camels. Don’t forget to grab your cameras.

4. Ride The Quad Bike

If you are a thrill seeker, you must definitely try quad biking. Go for an adventurous ride in the seamless desert, bashing over the dunes. You will be given all the instructions and safety gear, so there are no worries about security. Quad biking is one of the best adventures for thrill enthusiasts on the Dubai Desert Safari.

5. Experience The Thrill Of Sand Skiing

The endless stretch of the vast desert offers a perfect surface for sand skiing. At Dubai Desert Safari, you will find a few dunes as high as 200 to 300 meters, ideal for sand skiing. Feel the rush as you rapidly slide and glide over the golden dunes. The ultimate fun of Dubai Desert Safari.

6. Ride A Fat Tire Bike

Explore the deserts of Dubai on a fat tyre bike. With an expert guide, get on these bikes that are designed to ride on desert sand. It will be a thrilling ride as you venture through the desert’s flora and fauna. This ride will take nearly five hours to explore.

7. Dare To Go Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is the highlight of the Dubai Desert Safari and one of the best things to do here. It is entertaining and exciting, with thrilling experiences over the golden dunes. Hop on a 4×4 SUV amidst the vast desert while feeling the gusty wind and adrenaline rushing through your spine. The jeep usually picks you up from the camp and takes you for a 30-minute dune-bashing adventure.

8. Learn The Art Of Falconry

Falconry is considered the highest form of art in Emirati culture. Watch the amazing falcons fly up to 4000 feet – they are trained to give demonstrations. To elevate your experience, combine the falcon display with a hot air balloon ride and a gourmet breakfast.

9. Go Stargazing Or Watch The Sunset

Nothing can beat the mesmerising sunset view over the golden horizon, and you will fall in love instantly. Experience the beautiful sunset after the adrenaline-filled activities. Enjoy a special treat of stargazing in the middle of the desert once dusk falls. If you fall in love with this wonderful place, you can decide to move here for a while and you can obtain a freelance visa in Dubai for continuing your work.

10. Enjoy The Live Entertainment & Arab Food

Overnight desert safaris offer first-class dinners with live entertainment activities. You can taste an array of delicious dishes, including kebabs, hummus, and the best of Iranian and Lebanese dishes while enjoying the traditional dance and fire shows.

Desert Safari Types In Dubai

All these activities come in different packages that you can choose for your desert trip. There are numerous packages available with varied services and activities. So, here are the different types of Dubai desert safaris so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Morning Desert Safari

Exploring the beautiful barren land with the first rays of the sun. If you are one of those people who have a tight schedule in the evening or may have other plans, you can go for a morning desert safari in Dubai. The morning desert safari starts around 9:00 a.m., and you are taken to the desert on a 4×4 vehicle. Once you reach the desert camp, you can choose from multiple options according to your thrill-seeking level.

Evening Desert Safari

Witnessing the gorgeous sunrise over the desert horizon is just as beautiful as watching the sunrise. An evening desert safari is an excellent choice for those who want to garner complete exposure to the desert safari. A perfect getaway to unwind from the bustling schedule and have a long, relaxed evening in the middle of beautiful golden dunes. The evening desert safari starts around 2:00 p.m. and to 3:00 p.m. (time may vary as per the sunset time). Here, the activities are similar to those of the morning desert safari: quad biking, Sand Boarding, camel riding, and dune buggy.

Overnight Desert Safari

Imagine spending a beautiful night in the dunes of Dubai. Sounds mesmerizing, right? Enjoy the night, cherishing each moment under the moonlight. The overnight desert safari begins right after the evening desert safari ends. It offers you pleasant exposure to the Arabian Desert at night and includes live entertainment and lip-smacking Arab cuisine to savour.

Dubai Desert Safari is the top-rated attraction in the city, featuring an immersive cultural side while still being thrilling. So, don’t miss the desert safari in Dubai if you want to experience the wild Dubai.

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