Surprising modern children can be challenging. No matter what kind of surprise the affectionate parents may have prepared, it is unlikely to be able to distract the child from their gadgets for a long time. Nevertheless, we have tried to make a selection of products to make your kids put aside their smartphones.

1. Building Blocks

This is a universal gift for boys and girls of all ages. Children enjoy putting together parts of different shapes and developing spatial perception.

2. Puzzle

Popular jigsaw puzzles have been one of the best gifts for kids of all ages and adults. It’s a universal trainer of memory, fine motor skills, attention, thinking, and spatial perception.

3. Books

When choosing a children’s book, it’s easy to get lost in the variety of them. There are many noteworthy modern texts among the well-known books that adults still love and remember from childhood.

4. Money

Many parents ask to give money, not countless toys that will gather dust in a corner. If you have decided to present a birthday boy or girl with finances, here are a few ways to give your child money as an original gift: put bills in balloons (you can find many balloon variations at; make an object from the banknotes ― a car, a house, a plane, etc.; wrap money around a candy box or other sweets; put money in a piggy bank.

5. Creativity Kit

Such kits will help to develop a creative personality. Thanks to them, children form an aesthetic perception, improve fine motor skills, train diligence and attention.

6. Dishes

A set of children’s crockery with their favorite characters will surely make a little person happy. After all, eating from a brightly colored plate with a favorite character on the bottom is much more interesting and fun.

7. Bedding Or Pajamas

Quality and bright bedding is one of those surprises that will delight kids. Preschoolers already have favorite characters, interests, and hobbies. Why not surprise them with bedding or plaid with their favorite character?

8. Smart Watch

This watch has a built-in ringer function, which is very convenient for a child. Some models even support video calling! Parents will feel safer if their kid has such a gadget because they have a function to determine the location of the watch’s owner.

9. VR-Glasses

They are used not only for games but also for educational purposes. Download the appropriate program, and you are already traveling through a museum or savannah.

10. Smart Pen

This device is more suitable for schoolchildren. The programmed pen writes on special paper, and everything you write is displayed in an app on your tablet.

11. Gift Box

It has so many little gifts you could unpack for hours. Put candy, unusual stationery, cute trinkets, slime, stickers, notebooks, pop-it, and computer game characters ― Huggy Wuggy, Kissy Missy, etc.

12. Lollipop Making Kit

Kids love candy, and if you can make them yourself, it’s twice as much fun!

13. Mini Popcorn Kit

No sweet tooth will refuse these goodies! And how exciting it is to watch the cooking process and be a part of it!

14. Board Games

Here the choice is endless, from simple bingo to creating a habitable territory on a neighboring planet.

15. Safe Box

This is a real mini-safe that has a code lock. Any child will be happy to have a place for their secrets.

16. Glowing Glasses

A trendy accessory. Of course, it does not carry a lot of usefulness, but gifts are gifts. Their task is to please!

17. Clever Toy

Dinosaurs, bears, and other cute creatures have a lot of functions: answering questions, telling stories, introducing letters and numbers, teaching independence, etc.

18. Toothbrush

Few people will be surprised by an electric assistant. And if, with it, the child destroys the “monsters” that are hiding in their mouth, then the tiresome process immediately becomes a fun adventure.

19. Multi Cube

This mini projector is safe for the child and convenient for home and travel. Just point the image at any bright surface, and the baby is no longer looking at the phone’s small screen, bending over it, but enjoying cartoons without harming their health.

20. Nerf Gun

Looking for the best Nerf gun to level up your backyard battles? Check out top picks for the ultimate Nerf blasting experience in Australia!

21. Online Learning

If a teenager is passionate about something and wants to take the required courses, you can please them with a certificate for online learning.

22. Ant Farm

Just be sure to consult with the birthday boy’s/girl’s parents about this gift!

23. Instant Print Camera

You might be the one to discover the talent of the next great photographer or scandalous paparazzi.

24. Musical Instrument

It is also necessary to discuss this gift with the parents. If a child makes music professionally, the new instrument can be a perfect gift, but if the child just likes to play the piano randomly, then your gift can be a punishment for parents.

25. Cosmetics Bag With Costume Jewelry

It’s a win-win option for little fashionistas.

26. Radio-Controlled Toys

There are interesting options for boys and girls: vehicles, robots, and cartoon characters.

27. Magnetic Easel

Suitable for preschoolers. It will entertain a child and unobtrusively prepare him or her for school.

28. Wireless Headphones Or Portable Music Speaker

The devices are top-rated among younger students;

29. Gift That Corresponds To The Teenager’s Hobby

This can be sports equipment (a ball, fitness bracelet, or skates), kits for future scientists (physical or chemical experiments, microscopes, telescopes).

30. Season Ticket

This gift considers the teenager’s hobbies: to the gym, dance hall, and pool.

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