Long daycare (LDC) kindergarten is ideal for children of working families. They provide excellent all-day or per-time child care service to kids. Such centers typically operate from 7:00 am to 6 or 7 pm and work at least 48 weeks a year.

Moreover, long daycare kindergartens are suited for children between ages 0-6 to cater to their developmental needs, backgrounds, and interests.

If you’re considering long daycare for your child, these are all the benefits you will enjoy from the service:

1. Strong Friendships

Socialization and friendship building are essential for developing vital social skills like cognitive capabilities and language. Enrolling your kids in an LDC kindergarten helps them learn these skills via play-based learning.

2. Enhanced Learning

Long daycare establishes a strong learning foundation for your kids via investigation and exploration. They ensure that the children enjoy reading time, arts, crafts, and outdoor play. These activities help kids learn pre-academic skills like counting, identifying colors and shapes, and sharpening their creativity.

For instance, the upper mount Gravatt kindergarten offers a unique rainforest playground for kids to aid their learning.

3. Resources & Support

Typically, long daycare kindergarten provides children with numerous resources and support like sunscreen, snacks, nappies, and food by professional in-house chefs.

Nonetheless, some may encourage you to provide your child with resources such as water bottles, lunch boxes, and school bags to help your kids learn the responsibility of personal belongings in school.

4. Suitable Curriculum

long day care kindergarten centers offer kids age-appropriate curriculums by categorizing children in age-based classrooms with specific play and learning activities.

5. Safety

Want an authorized kindergarten for your child’s safety? LDC kindergartens are insured and approved, abiding by the building rules and meeting safety and cleanliness requirements.

What To Consider When Choosing A Long Daycare Service

To gain the most from your prospective LDC kindergarten, you must evaluate the following factors:


What are other parents saying about your prospective LDC? Listening to reliable acquaintances about their experiences is an excellent beginning point during your search process. Moreover, you can get credible opinions from social media groups focused on families of little children.


Before enrolling your child, ensure you visit the center to study their environment and determine if it’s safe for your kid to learn. If there are no exciting activities and the teachers don’t engage the kids by conversing and playing with them, you need to keep on searching.

Service Information

Request for the service’s operations, protocols, and policies. Confirm if their policies focus on child and family and consider each child’s different social backgrounds and culture.

Furthermore, ensure that the service information includes a strategy for behavior management, the service fees, service program, staff eligibility, proprietor’s name, and approval certificate.

The Transition Process

Usually, children don’t adapt to joining a new center quite easily. This enrollment can make them feel stressed. Therefore, learn about the LDC kindergarten procedure to receive new kids and families into their center. Inquire about the settling-in visits and what engagement takes place during the sessions.

Also, find out if the center permits more visits if necessary.

Group Sizes

Group sizes and staff-child ratio are vital in deducing the quality of long daycare service. These elements are necessary for evaluation because they affect your child’s various health and safety issues like disease transmission.

The Centre’s Routine

The center’s rituals such as nappy changing, sleeping, and eating are essential in building children emotionally and physically. These are periods help the educators to build trust in the kids and nurture their self-esteem.

Taking each of these factors into consideration would help you reap all the benefits of this service.

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