Only those who have ever witnessed living with bed bugs can feel about how abhorrent they smell. These reddish-brown small petty pesticides not only feed on the blood but also become the cause of severe irritation for the host. Bed bugs have a very little size which may get hard to identify it but their bad odor says it all. They are enough to make one feel the presence of the bed bug infestations in the house. Whether they have concealed themselves in the hollow legs of the table or resting in the cervixes of your body, they can emit a very bad smell especially from their dropping or when they are killed and the blood releases.

However, many people think that bed bugs are colorless, odor-less, and harm-less pests but the reality are that not only they are not only blunt-red but also have a bad smell and irritates a person by sucking its blood. However, here we have concluded some observations and statement of people that currently have or once had bed bugs but couldn’t get rid of. Yet, if you’re looking for bed bug removal ways then don’t forget to learn why you should hire an exterminator to never smell bed bugs around you.  

How Do Bed Bugs Smell?

Attention to detail is that you won’t feel this putrid smell of bed bug 24/7 but at times when you’ve caught it sucking blood and tried to kill it. On account of numerous observations and statements, we have concluded that bed bugs have a very similar smell to rotten raspberries if you’ve ever experienced or a smell like coriander. Both of these are very common smells and can be misunderstood with other things causing these smells too. Crushed bed bugs or those that live in groups stink a lot compared to a single one passing from one side to another side of your bed.

As many people have different smelling senses when it comes to smelling insects. Only those who are blessed with sharp smell sense can claim the presence of bed bugs in the house otherwise it’s hard too. Yet, some people have also recognized the smell of bed bugs as a strong acidic smell. Whatever the smell is, they are not pleasant at all and only make you look for ways to get rid of bed bugs from your surroundings.

Can Dogs Smell Bed Bugs?

There’s no denying the fact that bed bugs are blessed with a special feature of canine scent detection to identify unusual scents. The odors that bed bugs emit are usually called alarm pheromones, these can easily be detected by dogs. However, it’s quicker and easier for a dog to smell bud beg if the infestation is more and catch it right away.


Besides the many visible signs of the presence of bed bugs, their smells play a major role in identifying them and applying the bed bug removal treatment exactly where the smell is strong. These smells are hard to get rid of even after several washes.  So, make sure you never touch or get in contact with bed bugs physically instead use anything to kill them or move them out of your way in case you’re scared or resistant to kill.

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